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Is it possible that RBC is just advertising for Pride? Thus the remaining For Lease sign? I'm just speculating.
landlord lucked out there. lots of lease hold improvements to the building.

Yep, looks like RBC is confirmed for the space. Oddly though, the for lease sign is still up. I'm assuming they haven't taken it down.

The new Starbucks is really really nice. When my friend was saying it was the most expensive renovation Starbucks Canada has done, I believe it. The attention to detail is impeccable. Two rooms upstairs, with a new room in the very back with a large window looking out into the back alley. It's a nice space they have! They made the upstairs for relaxing, and downstairs for grabbing and go.
I think the Pride guide will come in Thursday's NOW & Xtra! plus in racks around the area.

The light standards are now up in the park for the feature lighting, and most of the lights were on in the park last night for the first time since last September. The new and existing tall light standards were on, the new guide lighting along the walkways weren't on. I'm hoping the mural on the north side of the 519 Community Centre is lit too, likely not though.
I think the Pride guide will come in Thursday's NOW & Xtra! plus in racks around the area.

NOW and Xtra! will have their own guides, but the official one is being published by IN magazine. I haven't seen any yet -- all the IN boxes around the village were empty when I looked. You can often find copies of the guide at places like Woody's and Pegasus, but I can't confirm. I'm sure the Pride office on Dundonald will have some.

I love the new artwork on the side of the building at Church & Maitland. Nice to see the village getting some permanent improvements.
Park update, late this afternoon. I cannot wait to see how this turns out!

The poles are up, LED light strands are being hung on the north side of the park entrance off Church Street -

The south end of the park entrance off Church Street -

Thanks for the photos - really aren't too sure about the lightpoles in daylight (though I am sure it will be a cool place to hangout at night). Other than that the project looks great - well worth losing some of the foliage.

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I am so proud of my neighborhood lately! The park is exceeding my expectations - especially with the hanging lights which will look amazing at night time. The murals and the spectrum public art are really bringing character to the Village. Now we just need the streetscape improvements get approved, and by the looks of the neighborhood plan, they're heading in the right direction!
The lights are on - from Twitter

GrinToronto ‏@GrinToronto 21m
#WorldPrideToronto Cool new lighting at Cawthra park @ChurchWellesley @kristynwongtam


(pic by GrinToronto)

Still not a fan of the telegraph poles - it would be nice if they enclose it in a minature tabletop like the Union Station atrium and light it from within.



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