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For the southeast northeast corner building at Church & Wellesley. Looks like a bakery is opening in the unit shown here which was a former campaign office for Annamie Paul:

Ward 13: Toronto Centre

Interior alterations to the ground floor of the existing mixed-use building in order to use the vacant unit as a retail bakery.


Fixed that for ya!
Regarding the LGBTQ Community Centre, I posted this in the Moss Park Neighbourhood thread but also pertains to the LGBTQ community as a whole:

There have also been misses, including, the Star has learned, fruitless efforts by a member of Canada’s richest family to donate tens of millions of dollars for a city community centre with an LGBTQ focus.
One project that hasn’t got off the ground, according to two sources with knowledge of negotiations, but not authorized to discuss them publicly, was proposed by a member of the billionaire Thomson media empire family.

Travis Farncombe approached the city years ago about funding a community centre that could have been built in Moss Park, the sources said. However, amid what one source called an unfocused city response, the project stalled.

I'm assuming that the comments are related to the same project if I'm not mistaken. Correct me if I am.
Saw on the Church-Wellesley Village Instagram that a new dessert café is opening up at 557 Church.

It would appear Smith has officially closed, and the shawarma place next to Grapefruit is closed due to back rent.

Also, I think that Wellesley Convenience may have new ownership as they're back to 24 hours and I don't see the regular people behind the counter anymore.
"Mumuso" has opened up in the old Body Shop space.

Between this and the new donut shop, it's sure nice to have some new signs of life in the area.

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Annnnd now it's gone.

Afuri Ramen & Dumplings is now open at 411 Church (SE corner of Church & Wood). The dining area is a lot smaller than I thought it would be, more than half of the side facing Church is taken by the counter/bar/kitchen, so the dining area is a pretty narrow strip mostly facing Wood.
This is the new build across from Maple Leaf Loblaws?
Yes, but not the curvy Stanley, which is at Church & Carlton. This is next door to the north, the one with 'beehive' design on its south and north elevations. Both are across from Loblaws.
Heard from a friend that Pusateri is closing for renovations. Apparently will be closing in about a week, then renovations will take 4-5 weeks. They're doubling the kitchen, and replacing the floor & ceiling.