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Seems like changing the name was long overdue! Are there any more racist place names we should change in this city? Already changed Langevin Bridge, Bishop Grandin School, and now this one!
I expect the City will be looking to develop a paved pathway connection through the park approximately as shown below (following the existing more gently sloped dirt pathway that already runs across the hill). This would be a great connection of a missing link between Cougar Ridge / West Springs and the river valley & Bowness. I could see there being potential for conflicts with the mountain bike trails though!
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Finally, the good people of Cougar Ridge will no longer be denied access to formal Scottish attire!
I think the City has acquired the Highland Shoppe and it's going to become part of the park. That's pretty much what started the whole discussion.
Where is another location that's a play on Scottish themes that they could relocate... Maybe Glenmore Landing and change the name to Taobh an locha (Lakeside) Shoppe. Calgary is also named after a hamlet on the northwest coast of the Isle of Mull, in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. So you could just call it the Cala ghearraidh Shoppe. The name Calgary in Gaelic is Cala ghearraidh, meaning "beach of the meadow" or landing place, makes sense Fort Calgary was a 'landing place'.

Okay I'm done, sorry for this aside.
All three of the new basketball courts at High Park are in virtually constant use.

All three of the new basketball courts at High Park are in virtually constant use.

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This is awesome. It's unfortunate it's taken a couple of rounds of redesign before they figured out that an out-of-the-way spot like High Park needed something that actually drew people and gave them a reason to go out of their way, to spend time, and to return. (Other options: Dog park, skateboarding, maybe bouldering)
All three of those things would make High Park a true and amazing destination.
Never thought I’d see the day this fountain at Fourth Street Station was repaired… let alone did I ever think I’d see a an outdoor public water feature be online in APRIL?!?