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Public Hearing is July 5.
Here's the report
●a maximum height of 35 metres (approximately 6 storeys from 100 Avenue NW);
● a maximum of 215 dwellings;
● a maximum Floor Area Ratio of 4.0; and
● site access from the existing north-south lane.
I would be fine with this , but I wish they would consider cutting one sixth of this structure (1/3 top south portion) and top it to the street front. she looks big bone...
The cascade affect would eliminate that.
In the medium to long term I would like to see wider sidewalks along Bellamy Hill, with a staircase to Veterans Park added. The intersection at the top where Bellamy Hill Road meets McDonald Drive is a bit of a mess too. I've had some close encounters with vehicles while crossing there in the past. I'm thinking there has to a way to reconfigure it. Maybe reduce MacDonald Dr to one lane, which would allow the intersection to be pushed up north a few meters. This could improve sight lines, and push cars a bit more up the hill when waiting for a red light. This would also improve access for the Chateau Lacombe
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Reference ID:Job No 445423289-002
Description:To demolish to a Hotel building
Location:10209 - 100 AVENUE NW
Plan NB Blk 2 Lots 92-95
Status:Intake - More Info Requested
Create Date:8/26/2022 10:04:10 AM
Without completely doxxing myself I live close to this building and I'll pop a bottle of good wine when it's finally torn down.

They'll fence it and a few days later they're knocked down or moved over. There is an access door at the north of the building that doesn't go a week without getting pried open and since the last big fire the side of it facing Bellamy Hill is a burned mess of soot and broken glass. And that's outside the entire property being covered in trash. A legitimate pile of rubble would be an improvement at this point.