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Dwayne's Home is on fire yet again. I thought they were supposed to demolish this building already?
Apparently - it already had fires 18 times this year !!! I realize all these fires are not the owners fault and I am sure they are struggling to deal with this, but enough ... just tear this building down now.

How is it in Edmonton we are so quick to tear down things that should be kept and slow to tear down those that should be torn down?

At this point, it seems it is clearly a safety hazard and if the city and owners fail to act and someone is injured or dies there will be serious legal liability. Maybe if nothing else this thought will motivate faster action.
I would love to hear Procura's arguments against taking more robust steps to secure this site, because this is getting ridiculous.
Major Development Permit
Reference Id:Job No 445423289-002
Description:To demolish to a Hotel building
Location:10209 - 100 AVENUE NW
Plan NB Blk 2 Lots 92-95
Create Date:2022/08/26
Issue Date:2022/09/09
Class Of Permit:Class A
It will be even worse shortly...
Irregardless of what part of the city, it is optically becoming very noticeable...