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What happens when you see a stack of Samsung smartphones and mistake them for a balcony tower?

POP Condos - bringing you the popular features that sell 400 sq ft condos: bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, closets, balconies and a view?


POP Condos - downtown Yonge's most POPular condominium project?
^You know Samsung has a construction company that does just that.

Meanwhile, my mind's turned from 475 Yonge--another Lanterra project I believe--which is the site of NimbyTect's POP Condos vision, to the Adelaide & Spadina neighbourhood: Adelaide West 2

Complimenting its nearby neighbour Adelaide West, AW2 rises 10 storeys just west of Spadina.
I was looking at Theatre Park yesterday so then this morning I was feeling kind of inspired to spend 3 hours window dressing in sketchup: NimbyTect's attempt at counting in Chinese may be wrong, but I can count to 100 storeys!

I'm really struggling to knockoff the aA point tower aesthetic

But it's got an elevator core/emerg staircases/etc and 8 units per floor with 8000 sqft floorplates.

It's also got a shiny curvy exoskeleton frame thingy running up the side

Oh my and has it got a sexy NimbyTect neighbour under construction to the right!
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But I'm going to keep remixing it until I find the only one I'd actually like to see get built. Here's one: Yonge & Metal for that Lanterra site at Yonge & Wood:

(After 3 years playing around in SketchUp, I've finally found the glazing solution that best mimics Sotawall's Hybrid-Wall.)
I've said before and I'll say it again: Why are you not an architect? You're more creative and talented than most locals in the field. I imagine many firms would love your ideas and would like to have you aboard. Most of your work is too good to just be an exercise.
^Thanks. I think the short answer belongs to a tall vision:

If I was still

the thought of going to arch school to hang with the builders' teenaged sons & daughters wouldn't be so daunting.

But here's a question: Are you an architect?
Someday I wanna stop producing mediocre **** like XOXO skeleton

Translation: new design language needed for the Chinese foreign investors at Yonge & Bloor

With the stock market tanking and currency devaluation, I've raised my expectations you horrid window dressing NimbyTect
What do window dressers do when they're feeling uninspired: break some vision glass or stack pallets of window wall? I've been in that rut recently but here's a rather tame proposal for that hideous TCHC hQ opposite Rosedale Station:


Insert ~60 storeys of something way sexier than