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Wondering why the stations are covered up?

Tridel already put some luxury buildings in the area a while ago. 3 vehicles because the condos in the area that wouldn't be here all require at least 1 bus to get to the lrt line. I'm against taking away things from an area that doesn't have much else.
Now I understand what you meant. I was talking about the redevelopment at Albion (right at the LRT).
I was referring to the the same Tridel, I know someone that lives there and it's definitely not luxury.
Finch West LRT Southern Extension
Finch West Extension.jpeg

Orange = Elevated Track
Black = At Grade

As the Finch West LRT is set to open within the coming year, I thought a map of potential expansion to Pearson and beyond would be interesting. Central Etobicoke is a uniquely low cost area to develop rapid transit due to the lower level of density. With the exception of the run up to Kipling station south of Bloor, there is no point in which this line would have to run along existing roadways. The entirety of the line would be grade separated, running beside highways, along existing rail lines and the hydro corridor. Taking into account other projects currently being done in the city, I imagine this quite long line would come in easily under 2 billion dollars.

It would not only provide rapid transit service to the airport, but also connect seven transit lines that already exist/are soon to be completed in the GTA. At the Woodbine GO stop, the new station on the Kitchener GO Line would be linked into the TTC network. Further south at Renforth, the line would meet the eastern terminus of the Mississauga Transitway and the western terminus of the currently under construction Crosstown LRT western extension. At its southern most stop, Kipling station, the LRT is linked to Line 2, Kipling GO station, MiWay Bus hub and the future Dundas BRT. The connectivity that this line would enable is immense, while also providing a north - south rapid transit link for Etobicoke.
No major updates, but here here are some shots of Humber College, and the Finch MSF. The Alstom LRVs look really great in person. Only really Islington to Signet has a lot of work left, otherwise the rest of the line is looking good. 2023 is very believable for opening.


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Extending the Finch W LRT is logical and rational. But no further. If the Airport intermodal hub is to become the Union Station of the W as Pearson aspires it to be than it needs to be the termination and connection point for multiple lines/services/modes of transit.