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That was the HQ of Voodoo Computers. It made custom, high end PC's. HP ended up acquiring Voodoo and driving it into the ground. I had a Voodo tshirt and hat back around 1999.
Centre street and 13 Ave is definitely the most "American" section of Calgary: nothing but abandoned buildings and parking lots encircled by barbed wire and chain link fence. Such a shame for the intersection of Calgary's "main street" and the 13 Ave Greenway.
Cash Corner probably dissuades most redevelopment there, lots of super sketchy people around there. I had one guy screaming at me about "where the bugs went in" one time, that was interesting, dude was clearly on meth.
I wonder if they're deepening the north channel of the Elbow for rafts?
There’s an office building (Remington) across Metis Trail from MKWW train station that has been stalled for many years (12 years?) - with just the elevator cores built.

Today it had two giant “For Lease” banners hung up on the elevator cores.

perhaps Remington is finally intending to finish it?
Anyone know if there is something going on with the lot at the SE corner of 10th & 10th SE ?(east of Vantage Pointe). Was by there yesterday and it’s fenced off.