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There's more on the way! The largest project Kensington has seen (around 110 units) is in the works along the LRT tracks! It's being designed by Minto (from Ottawa) so it should be a pretty nice project. I believe it's to be 9 storeys.
Yeah I'm excited to see what they've come up with too. Nine storeys is pretty substantial for Kensington.
Welcome to the forum Urban Warrior!

I might drop into the open house to take a look even though I don't live in Sunnyside. Once people there get used to these bigger buildings in the area it might set the stage for some even bigger ones. Not that I want to see huge towers there, but it would be nice to see a couple of 10-12 storey buildings.
Thanks for the warm welcome.

I was thinking of maybe going to the open house, but I'll probably forget like I always do.