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Out enjoying the nice weekend weather.



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Some of the lovely sights from a very summery April day to be out on roller blades. :)

Monestary.jpg Skyline 3.jpg Skyline.jpg Skyline2.jpg Tall Buildings.jpg

Refreshment! :D



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Just a couple more shots from my long stroll at lunch time. I always like to see Stephen Ave packed with people. High summer is always it's finest season and the closer to Stampede time the better. It was really bustling today.

Stephen Ave Streets 1.jpg Stephen Ave Streets 2.jpg The Tower.jpg

Here's a weird recommendation for you, next time you're on Stephen Ave, check out the new ATB branch on the NW corner of 8th Ave and Centre Street. It's quite striking and modern. A far cry from the staid surroundings of their old location a couple blocks up on the SE corner of 8th Ave and 2nd Street SW. Many people might be familiar with that location, right across from Bankers Hall. The whole building now belongs to National Bank. I wonder if they'll make any interesting rennovations. I know there is some controversy about the potential removal of the mural (I don't know the proper name for a painting on a roof), which addorns the interior of the dome. It screams ATB, so I'm not surprised BNC would get rid of it though.

Unfortunately I can't find any pictures of the interior, just this kinda weird render of the exterior. It's worth seeing the interior. I didn't take any myself becuase well, that would have been awkward behaviour.


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