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Does anybody know how much capacity all the USRC and Kitchener Line work adds? Does it have the spare capacity to support say 2 VIA trains per hour in each direction for through service on HFR and Lakeshore?

Also been wondering how the Kitchener Line work lines up with the Pearson Transit hub. I am curious if they are building in such a way to facilitate a Kitchener Line diversion under the airport to the hub.

I have never seen a technical calculation on trains per hour for the Georgetown South project - the various EA’s only speak to various service models - but the layman’s answer would be, no sweat. Four tracks with the high quality signalling that was installed will deliver a very high throughput. The only limitation I can imagine would be harmonising trip times for UPE (which stops en route) with VIA, as the one would overtake the other. That might add a couple of minutes to the VIA timings beyond what is theoretically possible, but as has been discussed at length in other threads, if one assumes a high frequency RER making the local stops, UPE might not need to make stops at all.

The bigger issue is the diversion to reach the hub. It will be a major new effort and little of what has been built for UP will be useful. If one assumes that the entire trackage bends over closer to Pearson, that’s not complicated - just a question of expropriation and money. But if some trains are to divert into Pearson while others continue on the existing route, there will have to be junctions and that will demand flyovers or there will be reductions in throughput.

- Paul
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I vaguely remember the city wanting to build a new tunnel there as part of the station renovations but CN wouldn't agree to give up the land required for the entrance on the bus station side. I can't find any source for this though, so I don't know I've misremembered.

Now that Metrolinx owns the tracks I'd expect things would be easier.
April 18
A lot has change since my last visit with the parking structure in place, but not close to be open. Steel going up for the rebuilt west section as well the elevator, but surprise an elevator wasn't install for platform 4 in the same location.

Then, Metrolinx treat accessibility riders as 3rd class in the first place. They are installing the elevator in the new entrance by the bus bay, yet there is no elevator for platform that open a few months ago.

The 4 truck load of steel and joist are still in the same spot as my last visit.

There will be 2 elevators for the parking structure.

One on the many changes and not shown on any plans or rendering that riders will be able to drive to the 2nd level off Bramalea. Don't know if a full intersection will take place a the crest of the overpass to better service the GO buses to/from the station, as well Brampton buses. If a full intersection is done, the drivers from bot direction can gain access to the 2nd level, otherwise, only southbound drivers can gain access. The opening is wide for inbound by the looks of things.

Another platform extension has been added to the east end as concrete with no centre section. No idea it this temporary or permanent, as well having a snow melting system.

They are installing the support brackets for the face of the structure.

These are part of the 135 shots that are up on my site and hard to chose for this posting.















Wonder if they will eventually remove that switch pictured since the industrial siding isn't used any more. It's torn up further to the south.

Speaking of Bramalea Station, recent blog post on the construction.

I have looked at that switch a number of times over the years and wondering why it hadn't been remove by now since it service nothing. Maybe CN thinks it better to leave it there than reinstall a new one if a business surface down the line to have shipments by rail. Only CN knows about the switch as what will happen to it.
^ I'm going to assume they just haven't got around to it/not worth the cost since it hasn't been mainline track. I assume Metrolinx may ask CN to remove it at some point. cc @crs1026 @smallspy
^Actually, both railways have gone through regimes where their properties were picked clean of every non-essential nut and bolt that management could find, in the interest of extracting excess capitalization. That switch will have an accounting value and its presence touches the balance sheet somehow. It will be in a database that the beancounters will have scoured and challenged.

So I doubt that it’s still there out of oversight. Somebody has likely concluded that it ought to remain in place. The reason, however, will be only known to CN, as @drum118 pointed out. The reason could be obscure, or it may be perverse. Such as waiting for an excuse to invoice ML for its removal rather than costing CN money. Or, it’s a spare part that someone is hoarding for when an identical switch wears out and needs replacement....if it is torn out, it becomes “inventory” where so long as it sits in situ, it is active track and sits on some other department’s ledger, and/or can’t be pilfered by the next-over region for their needs. Or, there is something in the easement or deeds to that spur that will trigger if the switch is removed....once that happens, the spur may cease to exist legally or in accounting space. (You can tell I have worked in a bureaucracy)

Or, maybe CN thinks there may still be business that can be developed on that spur, and wait-and-see is worthwhile.

Or, it just hasn’t been worth the trouble.

- Paul
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You can see it open in 2009 Streetview, with the north side entrance right at the back of the old Greyhound terminal. It looks older than 1987, though.
Cycling through Streetview, looks like all maintenance stopped once the tunnel closed. Nature just took over. I walked by last year and the entrance was filled with garbage.
April 19
This is still on course to be finish this Summer. They have most of the top section in place or pour that section. The south side west wall waiting to be done while the east wall is done with fencing on top.

About 500 feet of retaining wall to be pour the sidewalk in the north west section.No idea how far the back filling for the sidewalk is done, but looks to be up to the bridge on the south side for the west side.

Back filling is mostly complete for the west side, with a small section for the east side.












April 19
I noticed Lowe's has close it store a cross the street. It was open the last time I was there.

They have liners install at the entrance area




^ Those steel shafts remind me of the West Toronto Grade Separation, except in this case they are horizontal and not vertical. I wonder if they will be left empty or filled with concrete?
^As I understand the method, those pipes are just a temporary roof to allow excavation underneath, with the permanent load bearing tunnel structure built under them. Photos of other projects do show them filled with some sort of grout at completion.. I would think that would be necessary so that they don’t change shape over time, which could allow the highway above to settle. Just guessing.

- Paul
Most of the west side temporary bypass road for Steeles grade separation has been pave. The east side is seeing the new westbound lanes being built and will form part of the bypass road, The road is 4 lanes wide.

Both pier support are built and ready for the beams that will support the tracks, with the north side being larger and will be partly cover in asphalt for the bypass road.

I noticed a new building being built at the south end of the parking lot and most like for electrical equipment and snow melting system. Can't use the new east platform until an elevator is built on the west side

Not sure what going on, but both trains in each direction fail to line up with the accessibility platform, with the engine being beside the platform.

A good chunk of the sound barrier wall installed, but not sure if it plan or not, but a number of panels are warp. The foundation in place for the new station and snow melting system.

They are installing a new overhead walkway at the south end of the old station platform and the new 401 off ramp to Leslie. Once it is in place, the current one will be remove to allow the ramp to be built over the track. Lost track if the current station is to be move to Sheppard Ave. I counted 12 cars park in the lot and most likely people visiting the hospital.

Most of the snow melting system for the new platform in place and concrete pour over it. Over 60% of the shelter roof steel in place and cover.
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