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April 20
The word is that the work will start on Burloak grade separation beginning June

Agincourt Station
This station is 98% complete with access to the east platform from the west platform along with working elevators. Both platforms can be access from the new Sheppard stairs. You cannot walk the full walkway for the east platform as it blocked off at both elevators.

Fencing has been installed next to the rail corridor at both ends and both platform to stop the public gaining access to the corridor with the fence only about 4' high and black.

Still some work to be done with a small crew on site.

Until the bridge to the south is built, the east track can't be gravel and align.

Milliken Station
The station is 90-95% complete to the point the east platform is ready for service. Once the east platform is in service, track for the west platform can be gravel and align as well installing all the screens on the platform.

Taller fencing has been installed on the rear of both platform with no access to the east or west platform other than the new Steeles entrances or the station parking lot.

Work is still underway getting the Steeles stairs and elevators into service as well the walkway bridges over Steeles.

Both stations parking lots were nearly full where it not block off for construction work or material. A huge jump from the last time I had a looked at the stations this year.

Kennedy Station
This station is only 50% complete considering service was moved to the east platform on April 8 with the the east needing most of the work done on it. The west platform stills needs work like it has needed the last 2 years to complete it.

Trains locomotive stop on the north side of Eglinton overpass that is next to the Crosstown Station entrance. Lots of work to be done for that entrance with the saying Q1 2024 opening date.

Bike rack storage is at the north end under the overpass.

The only elevator out of the 3 location that has a partly built one in it is at the south end of the east platform. There are 2 ramps to the east platform where the elevators are to be, Small crew on site and most of the work must be done overnight and weekend.

Photos to follow at a later date
OnCorr interview with Phil posted yesterday. Some of the tendering details were interesting: price target being one of the last things considered with scope and goals being first.

I didn't hear any new details about expected results of the project.

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April 14
Lot more up on site

As I stated, I class the building of the GO and UPX station at Mount Dennis as a GO project even though it connect to the Crosstown LRT.

This is the Light Mast for the Barrie Line I inquired about.


It been upgraded from this from 2018








^That signal was changed a few years ago, from a control point (an interlocking, of a sort) to an intermediate block signal. The two vertical targets indicate a control point signal, which when red conveys stop-and-stay, where the two diagonally aligned targets convey a block signal, which if red can be passed after stopping.

The control point was a hangover from days before ML owned the line - when CN ran more local switching and transfer jobs. There was more need for trains to have authority over specific segments of the line back then. With most of that industry gone, GO does not need that functionality and maintaining the interlocking circuitry was an unnecessary expense.

- Paul
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Cold day but lots of work ongoing. Big year for Maple GO!

Looks like underground structural work is completed on the west platforms for access to the two tunnels.
South of the accessibility platform is closed and piles were completed this week for the start of that tunnel access work.


Here's a 2-month update for Maple GO. Progress on the west noise wall, west platform above ground structure, and east platform utility works/underground prep for the tunnel.

The new structure on the west platform looks like its being built for level boarding but I may be just seeing things.
Someone should hang a sign there that says Caledonia GO station. Ridership will remain low if nobody knows this station, announced in 2013, is there.
Be another 10 years before the station is in service.

Will we see work start on it by 2028/30??

ML ripped all the trees out since 2018 shot for sight line view.
Tidbit from the Concord GO IBC which was recently released: "The Barrie GO Expansion program is anticipated to be completed by 2030, and not scheduled for electrification until 2032."
I can only hope those timelines refer for the full line to Allandale, and that up to Aurora or East Gwillimbury will see full double-tracking and electrification before then...
Tidbit from the Concord GO IBC which was recently released: "The Barrie GO Expansion program is anticipated to be completed by 2030, and not scheduled for electrification until 2032."

Link available to the Concord GO IBC? Published recently?