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Sep 22, 2015
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Taste of Edmonton relocation approved though food, dancing banned at legislature
Despite an “antiquated” policy likened to the movie Footloose that bans food and dancing on the legislature grounds, Alberta’s infrastructure minister said Monday he had approved a request from Taste of Edmonton to move the festival to the site.

“I’ve told the department we need to fix this, because if you can’t dance, you’re no legislator of mine,” said Brian Mason.

“I approved the event on Friday morning, but we have not had time to communicate that to Taste of Edmonton,” Mason added. “We want a legislature that’s accessible to the public and you can enjoy yourself, and you can get down when you need to get down.”

Mason was responding to a City of Edmonton committee debate Monday morning where Taste of Edmonton officials said they were struggling to find a temporary location to operate because of an Alberta legislature policy that bans eating or drinking on the grounds.
Probably overdue at this point. But please don't downgrade it! I love the scale and scope of the pools! It's a monumental space and should feel as such! Slightly formal and imposing but ultimately for the good of everyone!
Fountains are back on



screencaps from the survey of what they're pitching. so you don't have to click through the whole thing unnecessarily.
As a former B-range student in intro to design, i can confidently say this is B-range Intro-to-design student work; at best. those colours... oooof.
blech 1.pngblech 2.pngblech 3.png
Wow, those are all horrible. I went with River as well, but made sure to express how they clearly should have gone with a different vendor for the concept work.

Do we really need more crappy abstract "art" pieces in this city? Is high quality representational art that much more expensive??
I wonder what the original designer thinks about the updates to his design. He used to teach at NAIT when I was there 30-odd years ago. Can't quite remember his name, though....