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Your bloodlust is showing.

Please do because I never did any such thing.

We’re all lucky we don’t live in a society so spiteful.
See, you go for the ad hominem after you started this whole chain simply because you refuse to understand the post. You take it elsewhere and try to act smart. "intentional murderers should not be treated archaically" is your WHOLE PREMISE. Then you try to pretend like my original quote was directed at those with speeding violations, or parking tickets. You try to make it sound like I was generalizing when in fact you're the one that was generalizing to make it seem like what I'm saying is archaic.

Telling me my bloodlust is showing, lmao. The hypocrisy in this world.
So..."If I don't get my way, screw the entire system?"

Ok there, see how that argument flies
it's not an argument it is some people's daily life. The Raptor's parade shooter had been convicted and paroled but there he was in a crowded street with a gun. He didn't learn anything from his brief time in prison. How do you think his victim's feel? FYI the Raptor's shooting had 4 arrests and 2 guns seized - but neither was the gun that shot the victim in hospital.
The nerve of some people; exercising their right to a trial. I have no clue as to the point of the rest of the post.

It seems some of the community here don't agree with much of your position.
So because some randos on a post don't agree with me I should just stop thinking for myself? Enjoy your darkness.
Li was undiagnosed at the time of the killing, so unless you want to force people with no previous criminal record (or even record of general disturbance) to go see medical professionals and get prescriptions, I am not sure where you are going with this.

Anyways, as to justice reform - violent crime gets all the press and attention, but what really have a broad level impact on society at large is white collar crime - and how leniently we deal with that. We also have a justice system that - in the name of equality - inadvertently privileges those who are in power and otherwise have the wherewithals. That's not my notion of justice.

Li was diagnosed, his family knew he was ill. They knew he was ill when he was in China.
I get you. I used to be an sanctimonious, obnoxious dick on this forum as well. But that was decades ago, back in the ezboard days.

You just need to park the outrage, have a little intellectual curiosity, and keep an open mind to others' ideas and POVs and you'll do okay.
"used to be" you forgot the LOL
This is a hard topic. The way this case has been handled is rare because most drunk drivers get away with it. A family has been wiped out and the justice system "appears" to be powerless to stop that happening again, because it did happen again.
The justice system needs to prioritize the people impacted by crime, that includes bystanders, survivors and yes even an entire city or transit system. Sticking your head in the sand is not an option.
Muzzo drove drunk and killed a second family?
Not sure if you heard this but Ciasullo family of Brampton were killed by Brady Robertson in 2020 - he had 15 offenses on his licence not including a crash the day before the murder of Karolina and her 3 daughters.