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It's a good thing there is no Climate Emergency, where government is trying to reduce single use plastic.
It's a good thing we can travel back in time, and get rid of all single-use plastic, before laws have been fully enacted banning them.
Everyone should be worried about the huge garbage patches in the ocean.

Has there been an approval rating for Tory lately?
Poor optics, not well thought out.

But he's still willing to go for a ban.


All of which is beside the point, this being a thread about Toronto Politics........not national.

Looks like paper plates to me. From link.

By using 100% recycled paper, Chinet® Classic White™ products save 1.1 million trees, 455 million gallons of water and 260 million kilowatts of energy annually.
The Di Ciano and Grimes clown show continues. Even worse, Tory did robocalls for Grimes in the last election, knowing full well his numerous conflicts of interest and ethics probes.

With the anti-Grimes vote split between Amber Morley and Pamela Gough. Good thing buddy Di Ciano helped sink ranked ballots.