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We've finally reached the end (hopefully) of the status-quo era in Toronto.

I would think the current by-election thread is good enough for now, no? Until we've elected a new mayor of course.
I assumed the election thread would be restricted to election stuff but I defer to the Mods - as one must!
I would think the current by-election thread is good enough for now, no? Until we've elected a new mayor of course.
I think they have different purposes. The by-election thread would be better served I think to stay focused on discussion of the election and subjects connected to the election, whereas these "X Mayor's Toronto" threads often contain discussion of other city issues/events and aspects of the city's governance and life unrelated to or only somewhat related to the by-election. I don't think pushing that all into one thread would be advantageous for either conversation.

For instance, recent posts in this thread on fare inspector presence and crime on the TTC wouldn't fit into the election thread unless it was connected to discussion of a candidate's policies, comments, etc. on the issue or discussion of how it would impact the by-election or as an issue in the election. Whereas here we can have discussion of those subjects or others as broader subjects and events in the city without it having to connect up to the by-election discussion and focus.
It's after 5pm. Time to close this thread and start an 'Acting Mayor McKelvie's Toronto" thread?
When it was ascertained that Jennifer McKelvie would not be able to wield any strong mayor powers it seemed to be because all the acting mayor can do is hold meetings. Does that warrant a new thread or at best a cheeky rename of this one until we have a new duly-elected mayor? Surely the current chaos is still part of Tory's legacy.
This is how John Tory spent the last 24 hours as Mayor of Toronto:



At the ribbon cutting for the Crosstown Line 5 and Finch West Line 6, we should have former Mayor David Miller there. Maybe former Mayor John Tory as a "guest". Understand former Mayor Rob Ford is unavailable. Premier Doug Ford can be at his cottage, if he wishes.
John Tory was a lawyer and Queen’s Counsel (likely now King’s Counsel). He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Trinity College at the University of Toronto in 1975. He received his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1978 from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University. He was called to the bar in Ontario in 1980.

Unlike Doug Ford, who dropped out of Humber College after 2 months, because he “was bored silly in the lectures.” He got his job at the family business because of nepotism.

So John Tory actually knows what he’s doing, picking the time when he will hand in his formal resignation letter to the city clerk. No sooner nor later.
Cause Tory did not work for the family law firm and lets not forget the connections with Rogers and the rich boy clubs he hangs around.
I remember the headlines. Now tell me what he was convicted of? I was not a Ford supporter but the truth is he was never convicted in a court of law of anything. Headlines are not convictions. Tory said when he was first elected that there needed to be mechanisms in place because apart from criminal convictions there was no way to hold an out-of-control mayor accountable. No recall under our city guidelines. He said he wanted to put them in place, he hasn't. Ford's powers were curtailed by the council but there was nothing anyone could do to remove him. That is still the case today. The only person removed from council in recent memory was that Scarborough guy. If Tory had been embezzling funds for years there would still be no way to remove him.
The Star just wanted Ford out, period.
This whole damned thing is getting frikkin’ tedious !!

The resignation has taken effect and the “integrity commissioner” will examine the affair. Needless.

Note to future politicians in similar situations (oh, you’ll be there): just resign for personal reasons.

I can’t think of any reason to have a John Tory as a mayor. He can’t even quit right.
Maybe it's time to change the name of this thread from Mayor John Tory's Toronto to...

Mayor Emeritus John Tory's Toronto?​