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From link.
Hmmm.....someone is backtracking!

You could probably write a book (and not a short book) purely on the sheer number of times Ford has backtracked, flip-flopped, backslid, etc. during his time at Queen's Park. Mr. Consistency, he ain't.

I know we all laughed when Horwath recently flipped on the vaccine passport issue, but when it comes to flip-flops in general, she's a piker compared to Ford.
Pleasantly surprised. Ford did the political calculus and realized that he'd get much more flack from businesses and chambers of commerce over another lockdown than a few grumpy anti-vaxers on Twitter. upset about mandatory vaccines.

Except that the so-called mandatory really isn't - it's vaccination or "education session" + testing. You'd always have to have an alternative for those who are genuinely not able to get vaccinated due to medical reasons; but to make it available broadly is just dressing up the current status quo in another name.

And would patients/students get the right to not be seen/taught by those who refused to vaccinate?

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Do we know if this is real? Has it been reported elsewhere, or just this tweet?

It was on Reddit as well.

If it is true is actually illegal. You can't send what look like bills in the mail without clearly stating it isn't one.

This looks too real to be legal.
Do we know if this is real? Has it been reported elsewhere, or just this tweet?

It has been reported on Reddit too. Some people are getting invoices for more.

The consensus is that it violates laws pertaining to mail delivery and possibly involves Elections Ontario.

It is in violation of the Canada Post Corporation Act, Solicitations by Mail Regulations (C..R.C., c. 1295) Paragraph 2 which states:

Where a letter or other mailable matter that is not a bill, invoice or statement of account due is in such a form that it has the general appearance of a bill, invoice or statement of account due, it shall have endorsed on its face the following notice:

“This is a solicitation for the order of (goods, services or goods and services, as the case may be) and not a bill, invoice or statement of account due. You are under no obligation to make any payments on account of this offer unless you accept this offer.”

See here:
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