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Apr 24, 2007
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MODS - before you banish this thread to the (low traffic) Renderings section, I would point out that this compilation of many new projects (like the 400 foot list) is appropriate to this section. Thanks.

As seen in the December (hard copy) issue of SpacingToronto.

2004 Toronto + Updated future render from Humber Bay Parks (recycling is good). Many, many projects missing simply because they would be lost in the clutter. One Gehry and one Oxford included for fun.

Happy holidays.

Click on the LARGE RENDER links for a much better look.








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Looks like an impressive skyline now! Now we have a downtown and midtown.

What's the highrise just south of Aura? Looks like 60 storey tall.
Insane! I love it! I know a lot of people have been saying how great the view is from the east now (and it is great) but this perspective from the west with Humber Bay in the foreground can't be topped. I like it more than the view from the islands.
Great work! It's more than a rendering; it's a piece of art. I hope you will update this from time to time.
Awesome work. This city blows my mind. With all the office development starting to happen on top of the condo development, I think it is fair to say we are getting closer to a Chicago scale downtown skyline. Our burbs already blow them away!
:O that is incredible! I wonder how many of those projects we can realistically expect to be completed by 2015 and 2020. I have little hope for the MTCC, 88 Bloor, and a few others.
Wow, this really puts it in perspective how much this city has grown over the past 9 years and into the the late part of the '10's when most of the projects should be completed, near completion or under construction. Thanks for this. #impressed
It looks impressive in the photo, but on second thought, I believe if under a bird's eye view, it will be much less impressive, since most of the highrises are within the narrow corridor between Yonge st and University ave/Avene Rd.

Unfortunately the area east of Yonge and West of say John will still look pretty short.