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Very impressive work, Thanks for sharing! ..and imagine the fourth cluster that will exist by then out along Lakeshore West in South Etobicoke! Plus Mississauga City Centre, North York City Centre, Scarborough Town Centre, Don Mills at Eglinton, 404 at Sheppard, etc.. Incredible!
Thanks for the comments.

Also want to thank the incredible contribution of photogs on UT. A special shout out to Tomms and Skyjacked (I think we should send food, warm clothing, a Murphy bed and HD TV to his operating cabin on the crane to ensure he stays put for another year).

Happy Holidays and a great New Year.
Looks like an impressive skyline now! Now we have a downtown and midtown.

What's the highrise just south of Aura? Looks like 60 storey tall.

correct, it's 480 uni, also called the icon, it will be 18+ 37 (55) stories and most likely won't ever get built. looks taller because it's more west than a lot of other buildings around it.
Added the Oxford "placeholder" designs to my Cherry Beach POV evening pano (and a few others like 50 Bloor W, Massey, Scott St, Casa 2 etc.). Click on the pics of course. Don't think we're doing too badly from this angle.


Most welcome.

This has always been my favourite view of the city (as opposed to the typical Centre Island view) as you can indeed see all the way to Eglinton. Mind you... one needs to be ten feet tall with wide-angle + zoom vision to see this render pov properly (reminds me - artistic license needs to be renewed this January 1 ;-)
The fact that they are building on top of another building raises all sorts of issues , the foundation being too shallow and the lack of elevators would be the biggest. Not to mention the cyclical nature of building booms, they can't last forever.
3D that looks amazing only thing from where the pictures vantage point is the buildings north near bloor are out of scale and appear too large