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Ol' Steve-O's not a fan of the idea, but I'm sure the city will do everything in it's power to hand off the river valley and it's problems to someone else.
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I'm personally in support of this as a concept, but obviously I can't give a definitive opinion until more details emerge. But if we can protect the river valley from Devon to Fort Saskatchewan while allowing public realm improvements like Touch the Water, then I think it would be well worth the federal investments, branding, etc. Having an urban national park right here in the city and surrounding region could be a large boon for tourism.
It is just initial consultation, so no boundaries have been determined yet. I believe it is likely to be mostly an expansion of or addition to the current river valley park system that could also possibly involve other communities in the region as well as Edmonton.

It would be great to have an urban national park here. They are also being looked at in several other cities as well.

Parks Canada eyes new urban parks in 3 cities​

Hi everyone,
We are touching base today to share a few brief project updates on the River Valley Planning Modernization project, including the wrap-up of Phase 2, an upcoming update to City Council (Urban Planning Committee), and the next steps of this work.
We look forward to continuing the conversation with you as we move into Phase 3. As always, feel free to reach out to us at
The RVPM Project Team
"As the North Saskatchewan River is less than 2% glacier-fed, it doesn’t share the same risk of diminishing supply."

That's (good) news to me, I always thought it was a predominantly glacier-fed river. I'll breathe a bit easier now!
"As the North Saskatchewan River is less than 2% glacier-fed, it doesn’t share the same risk of diminishing supply."

That's (good) news to me, I always thought it was a predominantly glacier-fed river. I'll breathe a bit easier now!
I think most of it is fed by snow melt and rainfall runoff, both of which aren't directly affected by receding glaciers. I didn't know glacier melt made up only 2% though, thanks for the info!
North America's longest river valley trail has a new name.

The Amisko Wacîw Mêskanaw, or Beaver Hill Road, winds for more than 100 kilometres, crossing 8,000 hectares of parkland and connecting six municipalities along the North Saskatchewan River.

Linking Parkland County, Edmonton, Strathcona County, Fort Saskatchewan and Sturgeon County, the trail runs through Treaty 6 territory and the Métis Nation of Alberta Region 4.

Hello everyone,
We are writing to let you know that Phase 3 engagement has officially begun! Read on to explore the ways you can get involved. You'll also find links to the survey, interactive map, and workshop registration.
Hope to see you soon!
The RVPM project team

Check out these Phase 3 Engagement opportunities...

The following engagement opportunities are now available between now and July 4.
Share your input through the online survey, or contact 311 to request a mailed hardcopy survey. Completed copies can be mailed back or dropped off at any Edmonton Public Library location.
Click here to complete the survey
Available until July 4

Share your input on the proposed direction for each of the 12 reaches within the study area. Review maps and draft planning recommendations to help refine our plans for ecological protection and restoration, access, gathering and enjoyment in the River Valley.
Click here to access the interactive map portal
Available until July 4

Please visit the project website to register for the workshops below!
Stakeholder Workshops: As a member of a stakeholder organization, participate in a facilitated discussion about the project. Stakeholder Workshops will take place on:
June 20 | 1-3 pm – VIRTUAL
June 22 | 1-3:30pm – IN PERSON (Kinsmen Sports Centre)
June 22 | 5-7:30pm – IN PERSON (Kinsmen Sports Centre)
Note: Additional Stakeholder Workshops will be scheduled in the fall of 2023 to take a deeper dive into the River Valley ARP content.
Public Workshops: As an interested Edmontonian, participate in a facilitated discussion about the project. Public Workshops will take place on:
June 20 | 6-8pm – VIRTUAL
June 24 | 1-3:30pm – IN PERSON (Kinsmen Sports Centre)
River Valley Pop-up Engagement: We will be visiting busy areas of the River Valley to talk about the project and hear your thoughts:
June 18 | Buena Vista / Sir Wilfred Laurier Parks
June 24 | Kinsmen Park

The RVPM Project: Need a Refresher?

Here’s a quick reminder of what this project is all about.

The River Valley Planning Modernization project will:
Updating the Ribbon of Green and the River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan together gives us the opportunity to make sure these two River Valley planning tools support one another.

Need a little more? Check out the project video or the Project FAQ.
Connect with us: