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I would love to hear his side of the story. He's one of the few respectable voices on council. I rarely disagree with his positions or ideas.

Regardless, if it's Minan-Wong or the NDP/Socialist Chow he could go around kicking people in the balls randomly and still get my vote and whatever campaign contributions I can muster.
Then you deserve the same scorn that Ford gets. You're the ones who make him possible.
I was going to ask if anyone else followed 80sDougFord. Hilarious, with impeccable timing xD

I do and yes he is funny but the best of the parody twitter accounts imo is @TOMayorFrod If you are on twitter be sure to follow him.

Mayor Rob Frod ‏@TOMayorFrod 3h
I'm honoured @TheDailyShow will profile my glorious mayoralty tonight. I'll watch it in my SUV on Sandro's cellphone. #Toronto #TOpoli
Perhaps it is because he remembers his own father was also involved in a very embarrassing situation when it was revealed that he had been caught in the nude by police as a patron inside a massage parlor that police were investigating for underage sex-slavery. Of course the media-party went easy on Jack swallowing his ridiculous explanation that he was visiting a "community clinic" for a "therapeutic massage" (his wife Olivia would repeat the same ridiculous explanation).

I supposed Mike knows better than most that not all politicians are "lily white".

Here's the general rule---one incident without an arrest gets a "who knows what happened really?" pass, regardless of political stripe. A pattern of behavior is what brings out the real scorn. As far as I know, Layton never demonstrated that. Harping on a single incident where the circumstances are very open to debate is really petty.
I think the most important thing is to get on the news with a large crowd, no matter who they are. No rally is going to change any politicians mind who already has it made up, but it can show the world that Toronto isn't taking the whole circus lying down. Watching any of the international news reports on this story, they always end the segment stating incredulously that Ford still has the support of a large number of voters. That's the thing that's doing a lot of the damage to Toronto's reputation---not so much what Ford's doing, but that people don't care-- and it's one thing that a large rally can affect.

my thoughts exactly.
rally slogan idea...

how 'bout a modified version of ford's slogan, "respect for taxpayers" is used?

respect your taxpayers, answer our questions

respect your taxpayers, resign

respecting taxpayers means more than just respecting their money. (not that he even really does that.)

i'm sure there are people on here that could come up with better slogans running off of the same premise.
Mr. Morris reiterated Monday that the mayor will not be responding to requests from police for a meeting. The lawyer said it is not in Mr. Ford’s interest to speak with officers investigating a video that allegedly shows him smoking crack cocaine.

“He’s got nothing to say,” Mr. Morris said. “It’s very prudent not to have your client say anything about anything ever to the police because they have investigative techniques that throw overboard anything you wish to say or not to say.”

Councillor John Parker, the deputy speaker on council and a conservative ally of the mayor, said it is “shocking” that the mayor of the city is not co-operating with police.

“If the police think he has information that is useful in a criminal matter, he must respond to their invitation to meet with them and answer their questions,” he said.

“The failure of the mayor to do that is alarming in the extreme. He is the mayor of the City of Toronto. He cannot bob and weave with the police.”
Nice article from National Post:

Mayor Ford’s inner circle now publicly defies him.

At the executive committee meeting last week, the mayor appeared oddly out of touch with the facts. He sought to block a city purchase of two houses on Dufferin Street for parkland, calling the deal overpriced. But the money, which resulted from a development levy agreement that required it to be spent on parkland, had to be spent in the area.

“The mayor was tremendously misinformed,” says Mr. Minnan-Wong. “I was desperately trying to explain to him that the money can’t be used for anything else.”

The mayor also tried to block social housing in the East Bayfront. He apparently did not realize that he had previously voted in favour of the housing.

Councillor Shelley Carroll says the mayor lacks information.

“He has a bunch of goofy young kids” for staff, she says. “When you are at exec you have to be briefed to the point where you won’t look foolish.”
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Mayor Rob Ford 'could easily get re-elected'
The mayor's base of support hasn't eroded much, say experts

When Toronto police Chief Bill Blair confirmed to reporters on Thursday that he had seen the controversial video of Mayor Rob Ford, in which the mayor is alleged to be smoking crack cocaine, many observers thought it marked the unofficial end of Ford's political career.

Yet a number of political strategists and public relations specialists say that the beleaguered, scandal-prone mayor has a good chance of winning a second term in 2014.

"I think he could easily get re-elected," says Nelson Wiseman, a politics professor at the University of Toronto.

"The attitude of a lot of people is that, 'Look, I didn't elect this guy because he doesn't sleep around or he doesn't do crack cocaine. I elected him because I think there's a gravy train at City Hall, and that's what I care about."
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