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Oh gawd no. It just gives more ammunition to the FordNationers who deny the video actually exists; they'll now argue it's an attempt to make a fake video to set him up. *sigh*

Much like this casting call ( which caused a massive furor amongst deniers (, but actually turned out to be for the short film "Hogtown" ( @2:02).

And then there's the whole "Slurpy" debacle; claims that yet again someone was trying to set him up with a lookalike.

There is no reason left in FordNation.
To me right now, this is a key angle if media wants to keep on. The message is simple enough to bother even the most straight-ahead Fordite: "Rob Ford is not cooperating with a police investigation. All they want is an interview, but he's avoiding it." Whatever their political leanings, just that fact would trouble most people.

You're oveeestimating Ford Nation. They'll just say that the police are out to get their man like they usually do.
Oh gawd no. It just gives more ammunition to the FordNationers who deny the video actually exists

Oh come now, Ford Nation doesn't matter any more. It's now about reasonable centrists and soft right wingers - who legitimately supported an agenda of fiscal responsibility - coming to the understanding that they've been duped and joining the movement against Ford. This is about uniting the city again!

As for Ford, this civil war he is waging with TPS signals the beginning of the end. Effectively it makes the city ungovernable, and all the more so as councillors abandon him. Ford will not resign, however. The only way he will leave is in cuffs. Prediction!
Best quote of the day, so far. Doug on AM640 this morning--Doug Ford blames Blair for unflattering photos in police documents Doug: "Have I ever met a man on this planet that has never urinated outside?"
Lisi is charged with extortion in his efforts to get the video back. As a condition of bail, he is forbidden to contact Mohammed Siad, Liban Siyad, or the Bassos. Ergo, the victims of his extortion were some or all of these people.

Said and Siyad are named as the victims in the extortion charge as filed.

Good Op-Ed piece in the National Post. Wish Ford Nation would read it and understand.

I wish John Moore and these other commentators with a hard on for neoliberal slash and burn would go out and identify specifically which services and workers they'd like "shed." Daycare subsidies? Public housing? Please, let us know. This idea that Toronto is living high on the hog is just such fucking bullshit I get furious when I hear it.
Minnan-Wong is an aloof turkey. My brother once saved his dog, who was walking on the street, from nearly being run over by a car. He took it up to Denzil -- who was standing by his garage -- completely unaware of what transpired. My brother explained that it almost got hit by a car, and Denzil said, in an unconcerned, nonchalant tone, "oh...thanks". He also lets this same dog swim in the Don River. Does he not realize how revoltingly polluted the water is?

DMW seems like a disingenuous weasel to me but the Don is actually not that polluted.
And like most Ford conversations these days, we go from hilariously hypocritical to murderously dark and sinister in a flash. Doug, again on AM640 this morning, talking about Blair. "He wanted to go out and put a political bullet right between the mayor's eyes,"
Back when everything broke, didn't a city hall "source" tell the Sun (in exclusive "leaking") that Towhey was out to kill the mayor politically and otherwise? These comments from Doug today make it very obvious who that "source" was. As I suspected. Doug is the biggest drama queen in politics. Everything ends up being a violence metaphor. Says a lot about him, imo.
The said thing is - Doug's attack on Blair has emboldened Ford nation. They've returned to the Toronto Sun forums in force and in agreement that Blair needs to go.
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