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He won't admit to the possibility of losing. It will probably put him over the edge though, as he has never had to deal with defeat before.

If he loses, I imagine FN will be running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
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I believe Soknacki indicated that he wanted to contact some of the people whose names were in the document before releasing it. He is not required to do this but it's a smart move. He may choose, out of courtesy, to black out the name of some people identified but who were not involved with any violation of election protocol.

It is a very smart move - it's essential that this story be about Ford's abuse of power, not the Soknacki campaign. It needs to be clean and perfect given this is a politician releasing information about a rival's campaign. Taking time to make sure that no names are released that shouldn't be is vital.
Read at your own peril--from that perennial ass-kisser, Wormington.

Mayor Ford Steps Ahead of Michael Moore

Michael Moore may think Rob Ford is a “train wreck,†but Toronto’s mayor still thinks he could beat the filmmaker to the top of the stairs at Don Mills Station.
Forget the election race. How about a stair race?
Somebody alert Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump or Sean Hannity.
That would be some entertainment. Who would win? The socialist or the capitalist?
The mayor, who ran up the 64 steps Monday before his news conference promoting a subway to Scarborough, appears to be up for it. So, maybe we will find out.
“I think I could beat 80% of people,†the mayor said, laughing.
Moore better start training.
We’ll also find out if the Roger and Me director can take it as well as he dishes it.
Moore told the Toronto Sun’s Bruce Kirkland “the joke is over and it is time for Toronto to elect a different mayor.â€
Moore said “it’s funny for a while†and “then it wasn’t funny†and “now it’s really NOT funny! OK, we got the joke. Now it’s got to be over!â€
It’s unclear if Moore knows who the other candidates are.
But he did say, “It’s not that people here are not embarrassed, but I think a lot of people here love the comedy. It’s a rebellious thing to have a mayor who is that: He is a complete train wreck.â€
Kind of like Moore’s movie Canadian Bacon.
Now Moore may have his fancy Hollywood friends and VIP lounge approval, but he did not ride out on the subway to gauge the pulse of the riders.
Ford posed for a number of pictures with followers — a number of whom I spoke with after the media left. They agreed the Sheppard subway line should be expanded to McCowan as Ford suggests.
“The idea people have to come up 64 steps into the cold to go up to light rail that will block the street makes no sense to me,†said Ford.
Light Rail Transit. There’s your train wreck.
I am not sure if Moore has ever been on the TTC but he told the CBC that “I could run for mayor of Toronto†and “the first thing I said to Rob Ford was ‘You and I need to go for a long walk, with ankle weights, before you have an ankle bracelet.’â€
Moore has been gentler toward late Venezuelan leftist strongman Hugo Chavez, who he called a “masterful communicator†and a “hero to Venezuela’s poor.â€
Capitalist bad. Socialist good.
Maybe this race should happen on Jimmy Kimmel?
Once a charity event took place, Ford said he’d offer to take Moore out and experience the real city away from the opulent, five-star pageantry of the Toronto International Film Festival.
“I challenge any of the people who criticize to follow me around and see the city,†said Ford. “I say come with me to Jane and Finch, Rexdale or Malvern. Come to a TCHC building and meet real people.â€
A debate on the benefits of socialism and communism is not out of the question either.
The mayor is too nice to say it, but Moore was taking pot shots in a political election race in a city he knows very little about — and another guy using the mayor to shine some light on himself.
“I guess he’s making fun of me but the truth is I actually don’t know him,†said Ford. “I love the movies but I am just too busy for all that. I am trying to help people and make things better for people in the city and I will continue to do that.â€
I took it as more of an arrogant, mean-spirited, Liberal-left pile-on, like they did with Sarah Palin in 2008.
The shunning and shaming of Ford in this election is the most fascinating part for me.
“It’s almost like to support Rob, people have to do it in secret,†mused wise Amin Massoudi Monday.
You can get cyber stalked should you dare.
But either way, Ford is very much in this election race whether Moore likes it or not.
How the stair race would fare is anybody’s guess.
But no escalators allowed.
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The mayor is too nice to say it, but Moore was taking pot shots in a political election race in a city he knows very little about — and another guy using the mayor to shine some light on himself.

Kind of like a mayor pontificating on a mode of transit he never uses? Or a private sector job he never had? Or the poor people he never was?

They will prep for the 2018 campaign.

As Ford seems the "I'm taking my ball and going home"-type guy—if he isn't consumed by his habits—I very much see him saying "f-it" to politics and dropping all political aspirations for good, leaving a horde of lost and broken Nationals in the lurch. Maybe then they'd clue in like Walter White that it was only ever about feeding his ego, and not the people he claimed to have done it for.
I was not aware of "H" cars still being used in Toronto. This must be an old photo, or someone is playing around.

A little behind, sorry, but yeah - that second photo was from when he got drunk and road the train at night after losing the subway vote way back when. I was juxtaposing it with the current photo of him addressing an equally pathetically small group of people on the subway and hypothesizing he probably hasn't been on a train in between these two incidents, despite his professed love for SUBWAYS SUBWAYS SUBWAYS.
His home number?


Maybe Warmingtons records were picked up by the cops - wouldn't surprise me. Sun wouldn't pick up the legals but the Fords would. Makes sense why he's on that Ford Island by himself.... and we all know what happened at Ford Island.
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