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There's an argument that Modern English constitutes a creole due to its extended contact with Latin and Norman French (a pidgin is a language created by people for whom it is not a native language; once the first generation of native speakers exists, it becomes a creole). English was once much closer to its West Germanic siblings.

Sorry to hear about the funerals; my condolences.

Thank you for your thoughts.

To many things in my head today... you are right, Modern English is a creole. I should know better; at least I'm not trying to talk about PIE influences in northern Europe, that would be real embarrassing.
Funny how today he is seen leaving the hospital and the lady is on TV telling all... but not one person has come forward seeing both Doug and Rob at Perkins yesterday... no pics anywhere...
Deco may well have insurance benefits that provide that, or he may have purchased insurance that covers that.

on this front I'm actually not belligerent to rob: I think it's perfectly appropriate in this case for him to have a private room, and even one that the hospital comps. the other patients don't deserve all the media attention and craziness, anyway, and it wouldn't be too much for the mayor (of all people) to have privacy for his sake and theirs.
Bill Carroll shat on Wormington for a whole bit this afternoon. He was pointing out the fact that Wormington acted the least ethically out of any media member.

The family asks for privacy, and then the next day he is the only one writing about what Ford's been like in reacting to the news, and what other patients are saying.

It's so obvious that he is a Ford shill. Why would the family ask for privacy and then let a media member in on the floor to observe him?
Mel himself probably said it best back in 2012 ( now seems so long ago ): "I’m not a genius, obviously, but he makes me look like one."

Regarding Doug, he was with Rob yesterday at Perkins. Was it ever determined where he was in the days before that? I guess maybe TCB in Chicago, but with those guys you never know.

My guess is that Rob sprung the I've-been-long-ignoring-this-tumour info on him, he—understandably—got pissed at Rob and just decided not to be anywhere near him while he figured the whole thing out. Voila! Hey, Presto! Breakfast at Perkany's.
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Funny how today he is seen leaving the hospital and the lady is on TV telling all... but not one person has come forward seeing both Doug and Rob at Perkins yesterday... no pics anywhere...

Why? I don't know Perkins. Is there something special about the place?
The City pays for semi-private.

It really depends on what's available. I was in Toronto Western for five days in a private room, simply because they didn't have any health-plan-covered semi-private beds free.
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Matt Ingram @MattIngram984
Hospital confirms there will not be a member of @TOMayorFord family at the press conference #RobFord @Shawn_Jeffords @TorSunCity

So we could get some actual facts this time?
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Alright. Most people who understand addiction would understand quite clearly why somebody wouldn't run to the doctor, as has already been discussed.

So you are saying I'm not most people? Whatever.
I think his wife and kids would actually be better off without him. He abuses his wife, and I can only imagine what she has been threatened with if she tried to leave. There are complications that no doubt put her in a tough position. She doesn't work, and has her own substance use issues. Access to her kids and financial support would be at risk, especially in court against sociopaths with deep pockets. The kids were taken from him by CAS in April. It's likely his death would be a fresh start for all.
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