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He rushed down to the ER at Humber River Regional Hospital, where doctors did an ultrasound. Mr. Ford says he was originally told his small intestine was twisted with his large intestine and the kinks would work themselves out, but after 12 hours and no change the doctors took a closer look. They discovered Mr. Ford had a tumour on his appendix, which was infected, and the whole works had to come out right away.

"It really freaked me out when they said tumour," Mr. Ford said today from the hospital, after pausing briefly to chat with one of the hospital's nurses.

Doctors removed Mr. Ford's appendix and part of his colon where the tumour had spread, but Mr. Ford said surgeons were able to remove all of the tumour.

Wow! Blatantly lied.
Totally fair, the doctor was asked and said there had been no other scopes or biopsies from other other parts of his body.

No he didn't. He said no other biopsies only. Many years ago when I was in hospital with a serious health scare they did tests on this that and the other and I had no damn clue what was what. Not to mention he's high on pain meds. I'm not saying skepticism isn't warranted - clearly it is - but I don't think it's a fair conclusion to draw at this point.
I'm not a doctor, but it sounds like this is worse than the manner in which it was couched. I would imagine though that as long as it is not one hundred percent untreatable, the medical team would have to put on an optimistic view.

On the topic of lifestyle, I wonder how the morbid obesity and chronic self abuse factor into his likelihood to respond to treatment.
I actually heard Dr. Cohen mention a third one (the smallest) in the thigh (not sure if right or left), but that appears to have gotten lost in the mix. Reporters only asked follow-up questions about the larger two.

My *impression* was he referred to the smaller nodule (as he called it) twice, but I could be wrong. None are connected to organs.
Because at the Sun it's ideology first, extrapolation second and fact - based journalism if you want and if there's still time.

To be fair Don Peat is great. The rest of them...

They really should have a pub with SAL, Blatchford, Wente, Barbara Kay, Terrence Cocoran and a few others- it's be all nuttiness, all the time.

I watched a closed captioned version of the "cancerlolololpolookafest" and I saw the term "necrotic tissue", doesn't the term "necrotic tissue" said by the surgeon conjure up the most awesome name in hard core metal? Anvil really blew it, all us 40-50 year olds associated anvils as these heavy metal tools that never managed to get the fast footed coyote....but "Necrotic Tissue".....they'd have been bigger than Metallica....and Tug probably would have worn their ripped T-Shirt.
SAL is spewing vile left, left and center. This was just the start:

Sue-Ann Levy @SueAnnLevy · 37m
Just heard Dr. Zane Cohen say Ford's lifestyle had 0 to do with this rare tumour. Take that you disgusting lefties and media mouthpieces.

However, Rob's lifestyle and stunted personality factor probably had a great deal to do with him not getting his abdominal pain investigated earlier.
Is Daniel referring to Wormington or Metroman or both?

Daniel Dale ‏@ddale8 9m
I genuinely hope this is the end of people believing Ford-conspiracy peddlers with consistently bad information.
Will the Sun put up with this? I suppose they need the attention.

Their corporate handlers already tried to distance themselves from her when she tried to accuse Obama of being a secret Muslim. So in short, yeah, they need the attention.

Even if weight is not directly related to this specific cancer, considering how rare it is, I can see potentially numerous links to it and elements of Ford's lifestyle. For example, regular consumption of methyl based drugs while also maintaining a poor body weight and unhealthy lifestyle could be found to increase the chances of developing this kind of cancer. Of course, there are few enough 300lbs cokeheads out there to research said link.
@ddale8 10m
I genuinely hope this is the end of people believing Ford-conspiracy peddlers with consistently bad information.
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