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No he didn't. He said no other biopsies only. Many years ago when I was in hospital with a serious health scare they did tests on this that and the other and I had no damn clue what was what. Not to mention he's high on pain meds. I'm not saying skepticism isn't warranted - clearly it is - but I don't think it's a fair conclusion to draw at this point.

I'm with you here and suggest Hanlon's razor covers this. Rob half out of it and unsure what all the tests are either way, says some something about lungs to Joe, Joe asks was it a biopsy, Rob says, dunno, maybe, sure, and Bob's your uncle.
Why isn't Rob Ford inside the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre next door?

One of my good friends died of inoperable lung cancer (at 42, good shape, non-smoker) and he was also treated at Mt. Sinai. I was with him a lot, I don't recall any trips over to Princess Margaret. Thankfully he didn't last long, I think he gave up when he got the news.
Councillor Ron Moeser was away quite a bit to deal with his health issue. I don't recall anyone saying he should resign. Rob probably thinks if Moeser can do it, why can't he? Mammoliti was also quite absent due to his brain thing.

Good point. Now that we have an answer to the hospital drama, can this thread move on? Really we don't need to parsing his medical situation and he has the right to get sick and not be forced out of his job, just like anyone else.

It might be nice to take a mental health break for a day until the ITO documents are released and then we can pore over and dissect that instead of RoFo's colon or DoFo daughters' private lives.

Getting sick (even with cancer) is no defense for criminal activity. This is all distraction and BS; just like the goose scat was distracting from the more serious revelation of threats and attempted bribes in the Bosco documents. Until TPS says it's dead in the water, we shouldn't lose sight of PB2.
Wormington said that's what Rob told him (lung biopsy), he's on CP24.
So. Rob won Ward 2 today. Will Doug get a cancer bump in the polls? I say yes. Toronto is full of stupid these days.
Is now safe to assume that St Rob will continue with his bid for Ward 2?

If he were to drop out either before or after the election, would there be another similarly qualified Ford on the next ballot? I tend to think so.

Will we get to see Rob debate Andray? Unlikely.

Doug the antagonist ain't coming up no middle, but we haven't seen the last of him yet.
so the lung biopsy story was horse shit

So did Ford lie to Warmington, or did Warmington lie to everyone about the bullshit lung biopsy story?

And he never had a tumour on his appendix, he had appendicitis. WTF?

Also, gotta love how CBC news is showing the picture of him from the cover of Crazytown!

Worms doesn't vet his "facts" properly for one, for two he's a PR rep. not a reporter or journalist. And people do tend to focus on history when being "doctors", dweebs like Worms use that their advantage.

C'mon, guys. The doctor said very clearly - and other doctors have already confirmed - that there are no lifestyle risk factors with this kind of cancer.

You are as clueless as SAL, if you don't know something then you should do some research. Stress can easily and negatively affect the immune system. Cancers are most likely the result of genetic predisposition and/or a compromised immune system. I suggest a start by looking up "auto-immune disease" and expanding your scope of knowledge.

Someone need to remind Her of her disgusting behaviour.


SAL is a twat.
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I am not saying that Ford isn't facing some major health issues, but I am saying that it is not the deathbed scenario that some media folk have led us to believe. There is hope and it's not an automatic death sentence. Sure I'm cynical and jaded, but when we are lied to again and again, even in this type of situation, that's what happens.

And I must say that I'm very glad that only the doctor spoke. He is very professional, and explains things well within the parameters that he has available to him.
Jimmi T himself even stated he heard it was terminal cancer.
Wormington said that's what Rob told him (lung biopsy), he's on CP24.
So. Rob won Ward 2 today. Will Doug get a cancer bump in the polls? I say yes. Toronto is full of stupid these days.

Every single time someone dares be critical of Doug, he will say "my brother has Cancer!"
Why isn't Rob Ford inside the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre next door?

I don't know where Mount Sinai/Princess Margaret draw the line... but some of the specialists are affiliated with both hospitals. Dr. Gladdy (who happens to be one of the Sarcoma specialists on Dr. Cohen's team) performed surgery on me a few years ago at Mt. Sinai. Yet I visited her offices at Princess Margaret for post-op check-ups. (My surgery was not related to cancer (sarcoma or otherwise), I made a full recovery, etc., etc.).

Incidentally, one of the last things I remember her saying to me before I went under was that if any complications arose with the surgery she would call other specialists from the nearby hospitals who would arrive in moments.

(Also, the Zane Cohen centre is based out of Mt. Sinai).

As an aside, several thousand pages ago I remember a discussion where we pondered what would be a satisfying 'end' to Rob Fords term as mayor. At the time, I think the consensus was having him hauled out of City Hall by the police. What's happened here is the absolute, least satisfying end. It's a lose-lose situation.
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