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How does one look at his/her previous posts or those of other users on this forum? It seems very incomplete when I use the obvious search functions. There also seems to me no option to view all previous posts of a given user, including oneself, in chronological order. Am I missing something?

no, you're not missing anything. the only way to search the forum properly is through google, by limiting the search to urbantoronto. eg: "rob ford" deathsilver

you can then limit the search further by setting a custom range for the dates through the search tools: last 24 hours, past week, past month, between April and August 2014 or whatever....
I voted yesterday. Chow for mayor, KWT for Ward 27, the incumbent "Ward" for public school trustee (I don't have kids so I don't care, if they voted her in, may as well keep her in).

Now I can completely tune out. I'm so fucking tired of politics. No one is honest, everything sucks, I'm gonna go get some Chinese food.
My theory is that Doug's team's internal polling numbers are worrisome so they are rolling Rob out into the areas where Doug needs help.

I like your theory, and it's certainly consistent with the landline polls. But then why not campaign in Ward 2? Two birds with one stone and all that. Is it possible that after being mayor, Rob considers it beneath him to actively campaign for councillor?
I commute through North Etobicoke and the past couple days have noticed the multitude of election signs for both council and mayor are lying on the ground, save for the Ford signs which seem unaffected. It's only in a couple areas along Albion Rd so I assume it's vandalism.
The Toronto Mayor Election - Ten Days remaining...

Everyone: After a absence from this topic of almost a month how are things looking for the
coming election? What do the latest polls show-is John Tory still ahead?

I noticed this sign "BEWARE OF DOUG" and I will ask: What are DF's chances of being elected?

How is RF's chemotherapy coming along? Can he win that W2 City Council seat vs. Andrey Domise?

I learned how easy it is to fall behind in this subject - my last post was on P 5836-87535 on 9/18
and as of this time I am at P 6100 - still 200 pages down (!!!) but I looked at the 6300s posted to
date to at least get some current info here - with ten days left will things move at a rapid pace as
I suspect this will?

The only sure thing here is that Toronto will elect a new Mayor on 10/27 and afterwards will Toronto
breathe the proverbial "sigh of relief" that this has now past and Torontonians can return to getting
the City government back to a semblance of normal with the RF fiasco coming to an end?

There has not been much news coverage noted recently in the northeastern US concerning RF and
the Election - I think that will change as Election Day on the 27th approaches...

I will thank everyone in advance and look forward to some interesting opinions and observations
that I know UT Forum members have...

Long Island Mike
The thing that always makes me shake my head about the Fords is how small-time, low-rent, sloppy and lazy they are. Ford clearly doesn't give a shit about election rules or breaking the law yet this is the best he can think to do? Show up at ONE polling station and talk to voters in the lobby? So he's reaching what, maybe 10-20 people in an hour of doing that? If you're going to grift anyway, idiot, maybe grift a bit bigger?

He was also spotted by a TDSB candidate at a building in the area, so he definitely went after some higher volume attention-seeking as well.

Tiffany Ford
It wasn't planned at all but I ended up canvassing the same building while #RobFord was. #janefinch
4:23 pm - 16 Oct 2014


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I voted yesterday. Chow for mayor, KWT for Ward 27, the incumbent "Ward" for public school trustee (I don't have kids so I don't care, if they voted her in, may as well keep her in).

You may not have kids, but they're still spending your money, and there are a lot of issues with how TDSB is spending money these days. the Fords are of...Italian decent and are fluent in patois. Impressive.

I knew they were Pastafarians!

But seriously, why are some so convinced that Doug can't take this? If there is anything I've learned in life, it's that for every one articulate, broad-minded, intelligent UT poster, there are easily 10 morons. There is nothing that has convinced me it's out of reach for Doug. I respect the vote-my-conscience camp and I haven't decided if I'm in that camp yet, but I do think the reality is that we are setting ourselves up for "Ford more years" (gah, I can't stand that stupid non-sensical slogan; what a horrible pun). I don't think I could live in a city with Doug Ford as mayor, and Rob Ford (then Mike Ford if he takes it in a future byelection) as deputy mayor, for at least four more years. I have to admit that I'm leaning to voting for the front runner and trying to break the potential Ford stronghold now, before it's too late.
Daniel Dale ‏@ddale8 10s10 seconds ago
CP24 tells Doug Ford that his colleague Peter Leon endorsed Tory. Ford: "Peter Leon's not my colleague." Wow wow.
Ann Hui ‏@annhui 1m1 minute ago
Doug Ford says Peter Leon is "selling out the people of Etobicoke." Calls Leon's endorsement of Tory "absolutely shameful"
Don Peat ‏@reporterdonpeat 2m2 minutes ago
Doug Ford alleges on @CP24 that John Tory has been promising positions to councillors who have endorsed him #TOpoli

Leon was the one who helped the switch happen.

Don Peat ‏@reporterdonpeat 3m3 minutes ago
"We can win this election. Scarborough alone can win this election" Doug Ford on @CP24 speaking directly into the camera #TOpoli
Leon was the one who helped the switch happen.

What's funny is Leon isn't running so how would it benefit him to endorse Tory? Oh, Doug!

I can't copy/paste quickly from my phone but jpags and DD burned SAL on twitter today. She started it and Page shut her up. Dale just laughed at her.
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