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Do they have to be real names, or are they donor-supplied names, e.g. John Doe, Dave from Scarborough, Ed The Sock, Ayef Fahrtèd?
Do they have to be real names, or are they donor-supplied names, e.g. John Doe, Dave from Scarborough, Ed The Sock, Ayef Fahrtèd?

Ha! You may have thought that you ruined my evening, but it turns out that gratüitous diacritics are eäsy to post!

ETA: Was more or less sincerely admiring your è. Weird coincidence that at the same time the lemur disliked your earlier use of ü.
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Toronto has 3 right-wing newspapers and one that's sometimes left-ish. The political dialogue doesn't allow use of any words with Marxist origins, even when the speaker is fervently and proudly right-wing. The speaker's words then immediately cease to have value.

So what do you call class warfare in neo-right terms?

Culture war?
Oh my stars and garters, say it ain't so...

Doug Ford is best choice for mayor: Levy
"After giving it much thought, I don’t mind saying that, on Monday, both my wife and I intend to vote for Doug Ford.

I know in my heart of hearts that Ford would do what is best, or better, for the taxpayers of Toronto."

It's amazing why SAL still thinks she is still relevant, and that her twattle has no weight other than an albatross chained around the neck.
Anyone here ever eat at Steak Queen? Any good?

Used to have a semi-decent breakfast...I still prefer the Ronson
The steak on a kaiser was tough and chewy
The patties used were high volume bread filling to bump the burger weight (don't know whether they still do today)
The fries were frozen and the rings "homemade" much to much batter..
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The Somali community kept quiet during Brazen2 and Traveler. The Fords own them and they are waiting for the pay-off.

Let's be careful not to paint the Somali community with a single brush. A very, very, very small portion of the Somalian community was involved with the Fords. Like any population, those that became involved in the drug trade do not represent the community as a whole.
There's an piece by David Rider in the Star today about Doug Sr. I don't think it's online yet, but a quote by Doug Jr. really stood out.

"Asked in late August what advice his dad would have had for Rob in regard to his personal problems, Doug said: "After he kicked the s--- out of him? and let out a big laugh. "You know, "Straighten your act out. You had the passport to the world and you screwed up."

Another good part is when Doug implies that politics is in his blood:

"It's in your blood. You turn into a political junkie, you just have to - bang, you're in there, you can't help it......." (Says the guy who couldn't get on a plane to Chicago fast enough)

Oh, and there's Doug rewriting history again:

"In a casual conversation with the Star in March 2010, Doug Ford seemed to suggest he and Rob, then starting a long shot run for mayor, were still angry over their father's treatment."

"In the late August interview, Doug did not see it that way at all. "We could see the writing on the wall," Doug says. "He was tired," and not keen on a second term at Queen's Park."
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