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I saw one guy actually run onto the council floor towards the mayor. I've never seen that before. It looked like he threw something onto his desk while running past Tory with security chasing him.
In ongoing city contract negotiations: city only provides trunks for female pool lifeguards... this sounds like a Ford-era budget cut!

goldsbie 2:16pm via Twitter for BlackBerry
Sticking point: both male and female lifeguards are provided swim shorts, but the women don't get tops. The union thinks they should.
Doug's solution would be to ban female lifeguards from wearing tops.
Jimmy K introduces a motion to raid the money from the Scarborough subway levy to spend it on unspecified transit improvements in his ward.
Tom Beyer @TomBeyer7
My thoughts and prayers go out tonight to the family and friends of Graeme McEachern, former Rob and Doug Ford staffer #RIP #TOpoli

He apparently committed suicide...
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