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Casting call for Karla Ford!
Okay - the show's already likely been cast, but in the event the ladies of Rosedale, Forest Hill and the Bridle Path have given the show a polite pass, maybe she's got a shot?

(Although the Ford's would likely have to seriously up their Muskoka cottage game...)
Oh man, my wife will probably make me watch that show. Those series are painful! It's just women fighting and backstabbing the whole show.
You should have looked at the Rosie's fight with Worms on Twitter. It ended with Fs and ripping someone's throat out.

Yes, it was all quite violent, at least in intent, and to take an overused term from Flagg's Follies and Nation, disgusting.
Worms is soon to be looking for a job and his main "scoop" is six feet under now. That must explain why he is so vindictive.
Ka-ching ka-ching. Shame on Frank magazine/Toronto Sun for making a few bucks off workplace gossip about one woman's suicide (note)...

grahamparley 7:06pm via Twitter for iPhone
This is Raveena's best friend. She has no connection to the Star. So stop this wild speculation.

Charlotte Prong @CharsBooks
I have a copy of The Note. There is not one word in it about the Star, anyone who works there, or what was causing Raveena's distress.
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She sent an email to her bosses saying not to write an article. That's why there was no obit. Yet Worms was barking like he knew it all already.
Did Warmington write about the woman who commited suicide? I don't want to give the Sun a click.
Nope, all bluster, no substance, nothing new; attacking people in the name of Rob Ford was apparently the point of all the bat-shit actions.
Ka-ching ka-ching. Shame on Frank magazine/Toronto Sun for making a few bucks off workplace gossip about one woman's suicide (note)...
I knew the owner of Frank in the late 80's, quite the asshole, the rag makes The Sun and Daily Mail in the UK look angelic. The TO Sun is grasping at what ever "news" they can create find, they have a long way to just be a "wanna be" in the game.

The real hysterics are Flagg's Follies and D'Nation posting Frank as a reliable source on the "facts of the matter"; all part and parcel of FF and D'Nation's war against The (Red) Star.
It now appears that least one of Flagg's Follies and D'Nation are playing with the notion of "assisted suicide" in the tragic situation.
Rather interesting article:

A Look at Joe Warmington’s Terrible, Shameless Hackery

Raveena Aulakh's suicide was tragic. And Joe Warmington's sickening response only made the grieving process worse.



Sure, Joe. You would have “helped.”
Rob's weakness was pop. He'd drink Big Gulps all day long. I used to see him at the 7-11 filling up after council!

I've been reflecting on this.

Y'know, when 7-11 first started popping up in Toronto c1980, I could "get" the appeal of Slurpees (and I "knew of them" going back to my first trip to Florida in 1972: TV commercials et al). Who can resist the intense psychedelic buzz of a frosty drink? But Big Gulps, I could *not* "get"--like, what were they? Just regular soft drinks with ice in a large plastic cup. Compared to the intensity of a Slurpee, the concept of a Big Gulp just seemed...inert. What's the point?

Maybe it's a point-of-origin thing; Slurpees date back to 1967, Big Gulps to 1976. Kind of like going from Psych into Sloth--1976 marking an approximate dawn for the Listless White Trash era. Which brings us back to RoFo: Big Gulps as mother's milk for peabrained morons. Slurpees never lost their edge; Big Gulps never had an edge to begin with. (Myself, if I wanted extra-large sugary drinks, a family-sized bottle of cola in the fridge would do. Big Gulps just felt like a waste, and Super Big Gulps were just too big altogether--at least bottled colas had tops that could be snapped back on, or if not that, everybody had one of those metal bottle-stoppers back in the pre-screw-on era. Whereas if you had a Super Big Gulp and couldn't take it all in one sitting, you were skunked.)
Interesting to see how many references to/photos of Unca' Doug there are on Michael Ford's Twitter account....
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