And if they're acquired by developers later on, the small sites would result in a finer grain along Bathurst and a less monolithic block.
Looks like they resubmitted at 16 stories here. Hard to tell what else has changed or if city supporting now.
Actually, the report is clear:

This report reviews and recommends that City Council authorize the City Solicitor and appropriate City staff, to attend before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal in support of a settlement of the Zoning By-law Amendment appeal for the site, subject to conditions as outlined in the Recommendations section of this report.​

The City is prepared to support a 16-storey building here, pending the proponents accept a number of technical revisions to their plan.

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significantly new profile too, it's gained a tower and podium type form as well as a 3 storey lop off the top.

old west elevation:





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Thanks for the reading. For the uninitiated it is hard to know where to look in those documents or really how to read them. Maybe could be good if they had more plain language at the start. Like a scale saying support no issues, support with conditions, does not support. Most of the public would be pretty hard pressed to interpret that sort of document.
Weird that they are supporting a new build with 70 fewer units (150 --> 80) and actually a higher proportion of bachelor units. Going from 6% of the building to 18%. It only meets the criteria of 10% family sized by reducing the number of units not by actually adding more 3 bedrooms. That seems counterproductive.
While unit size is a growing concern for Planning (and is addressed in both the Growing Up and TO Core documents), Planning is primarily concerned with built form. Eg. how tall and how dense is it?

I really wish they'd focus more on the former and be more lenient on the latter but that's not how things currently stand.
Database file updated.