Allied REIT + BDP Quadrangle:

Site Plan:

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Phase One: 12 storeys (59.3 metres including MPH)

Key statistics:

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Phase Two: 16 storeys (58.83 metres including MPH)

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Key statistics:

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Aerial perspective:

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Funny enough, the Phase One / Phase Two delineation in that first diagram is reversed. They're going after the residential building on Adelaide as Phase One.

Bathurst Assembly

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Client: Allied Properties REIT
Completion: 2025

Bathurst Assembly will leverage innovative approaches to architecture to transform an urban block in downtown Toronto, adding a new 13-storey office building in Phase 1 and a 16-storey residential building in Phase 2. The office portion acknowledges post-COVID workplace reality and incorporates wellness-enhancing features such as improved air quality and access to external terraces, and also uses mass timber as a primary construction material. The residential building is designed for efficient and seamless modular construction, while the overall site planning encourages urban porosity and public realm as it weaves into the existing heritage-heavy fabric of the area.

For those knowledgeable about office leasing, how do you see this project competing with all the other proposed office going up and currently planned?

Is this tower's GLA too small to be concerned about competing stock as it relates to construction and leasing timeline?

141, 149, 151, 153, 155, 157, 159, 161 Bathurst Street and 579, 589, 591 Richmond Street West - Zoning By-law Amendment and Rental Housing Demolition Applications - Preliminary Report

This item will be considered by Toronto and East York Community Council on November 24, 2021

This report provides information and identifies a preliminary set of issues regarding the application for a 12-storey L-shaped office building containing retail uses at grade located at 141 and 149-161 Bathurst Street and 579-591 Richmond Street West. The application proposes partial retention of the heritage buildings at 141 Bathurst Street and 579 Richmond Street West. The remainder of the buildings on the site would be demolished, including the heritage buildings at 159 and 161 Bathurst Street. The application also proposes to purchase a City-owned lane located behind the Bathurst Street properties.

This application represents the first phase of a two-phased development proposal which includes the property at 555 Richmond Street West (Phase 2). The subject site contains 15 residential rental units which are proposed to be replaced in the residential building proposed in Phase 2. The Phase 1 development is proposed to be constructed before the Phase 2 development.

Staff are currently reviewing the application. It has been circulated to all appropriate agencies and City divisions for comment. Together with the Ward Councillor, staff have identified a community consultation meeting date of January 11, 2022 to discuss both Phase 1 and 2 applications.​