Anyone know of plans to turn eastern, front and trinity into a more pedestrian friendly intersection with all the new residential development in very close vicinity.
There has been talk of blocking Front @ Trinity so that the 'island park' would be larger BUT there are problems now because the TTC will be bringing the 121 bus eastward on Front to Bayview. No doubt when developments (finally) happen on the south side of Front between Parliament and Trinity the sidewalk will be widened.
Just three pics taken Sept 28th, 2021:



Because of the time change, which the toddler refuses to concede, we have plenty of free time in the mornings these days, so we went by here for a walk this morning. Lots of activity going on in addition to the excavating they’ve been doing for months. Sadly I forgot my phone, so couldn’t take any pictures.
Due to the pandemic he hasn't traveled much (he did spend a month in Rome just before it hit, luckily) so he hasn't seen any mountains. I'm sure he will like them, though probably not as much as a construction site.

He is going to be very excited when demolition starts for the Whitfield.

Oh, and I learned from today's front page article that one of the new machines is a tieback rig.