Can you explain your basis for such an insane comment?.

My “insane†comment is referring to the physical condition of the street only. Are you proud of the cracks, bumps and center lines which aren’t even straight? The city can do a much better job here, particularly for such a high profile road.

In my opinion, your picture highlighted these structural defects, and I simply made a quick passing comment. I apologise if the entire Aura thread is now destroyed… :rolleyes:

I love Yonge Street, and appreciate its character and unique attributes. I’ve personally invested heavily along this strip and I'm looking forward to the possibility of a complete revamp with widened sidewalks and lane reductions. I don’t approve of its physical condition, and am a little surprised how many people here jump to defend it. With that kind of attitude, why would the city ever bother improving it?

Aura is currently working on the top PH floor (79th floor, 78th level) which will be 12 feet high. I’m very curious to see how the last 40 feet of mechanical shapes up. I’m not entirely sure how the curved fins will look, so I'm very interested to see how they cap the building.
Now ask your cat what she thinks of Yonge St., RiverCity ;)

P.S. Congrats on your move!

Thank you kindly, DtTO! I get to wake up to Aura every morning and say to myself, "yup, it's still there" :p.

p.s. my cat was born on the street, so I'm not quite sure what she thinks of Yonge St per se, but I have a suspicion that she loves being indoors now and staying in an all-inclusive hotel.
It's almost christmas and Aura is still not lighting up.

they should really do a lighting show or a Christmas tree on Christmas.
It's almost christmas and Aura is still not lighting up.
That's odd that it is so dark. The tower is occupied up to the 31st floor. Maybe the floors below 31 are not visible in that photo.
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It'll be nice to see Aura once it's complete and people have moved in. The lighting feature at the top will really add to the effect on the night skyline, but I imagine that is still a year away before we notice it.
I would've liked to c the curved section longer, taller. Oh well.....

+1. I think that is Aura's biggest shortcoming. This would have been compensated slightly had the setbacks on the east/west sides been flipped. Especially from the north along Yonge, this would have helped the most. The crown at the top should balance things out a bit more with the equivalent of around 5 stories.
The only thing good about the retail here is that Gerrard is now lined with decent restaurants/bars. In the summer, it will be a lively sidewalk patio area. It should animate that corner a whole lot. A new establishment just opened called Duke's Refresher + Bar and it looks interesting.
Didn't the application for patios get refused at the last council meeting?