Thanks for the update! Looks like still lots of concrete going up with no steel. Seems the mechanical will be constructed of mostly concrete then.

The mechanical level(s) will be constructed out of concrete, but as for the "fins/roofline", it's most likely gonna be steel. the western most edge of the building at the top is levelled off already and the wooden forms have been removed leaving it exposed in its finished form,

Both ways. there will be two 272m peaks, sloping downwards in opposite directions.

I actually think the western slope will be slightly shorter than that of the eastern, looks around 260ish m at the SSP diagram. It's hard to tell by the renders, but the I think the model in the sales centre also shows a shorter peak,

This building is huge! I wasn't actually expecting it to look that tall.

I actually think the opposite, I've always compared what a tall 270m+ building should look like is to 8 Spruce Street/Beekman in NYC. If you've seen it in person, it looks absolutely HUGE. Aura on the other hand, only looks that tall from a far distance, (even up Yonge Street @ bloor it doesn't look nearly as tall as 8 Spruce). I know Aura isn't topped off yet, but I think design, massing, and the skin of a building play a huge role in the illusion of height. Don't get me wrong, Aura is huge, but it could look even taller. The setbacks and switch in cladding/curved portion offset its height and bulkiness imo. Perhaps that was deliberate too,


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I'm seeing a slight change in the colour of the curtainwall on the east side, I'm not sure if the colour is a bit off again or if perhaps the glass is just cleaner than what is below it. It can be seen in the photos above if you look.
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