will there be a grand opening after the completion of the building?

I doubt it. The building is already open, just not fully occupied. The podium is full of retailers (minus the basement, which is probably around 25% occupied), and residents have already moved in up until the 20th floor or so, I believe.
It's occupied a lot higher than that - someone (Dev I think) said earlier in the thread they were at a party in a unit on the 45th floor
All ready for her steel

my god that 2 storey mechanical level at the top with that south facing view^. It makes me sad on the inside knowing that it's strictly mechanical.
Height wise it should top out where the control pod is on the crane.
The original plan for the crown was a height of 13m (4 storeys) on the south end.
I meant the 75 storey version of the building before they added 3 floors

This morning basking in the (spring) sun

I was at a meeting at MaRS earlier and grabbed this from their terrace