CityNews did a nice aerial helicopter shot of Aura. It looks damn good from the sky, so much skinnier than the view from the ground!


I don't get it why the glass is missing from the bottom of the picture?
but that looks so abnormal. they need to do something about that.
It's a bit late for that now
Every render and or drawing of this new and old has a curved double peaked roof going in either direction, so... No its not going to be flat. plus that would just look stupid.
lol why would they put a flat roof that's stupid. They will likely be using a steel frame to create the slant.
The third highest floor in the photo is the penthouse, correct?

Nearly twice as tall as the next building around, it's really interesting to see this monster (in a good way) become one of the most visible skyscrapers in Toronto. While I'm not a huge fan of the cladding on the lower floors, the top of this building is magnificent, especially during sunset.
Are they having a topping off ceremony of some sorts? I would think they would have one at this point in time with concrete pouring essentially done and before the jungle of steel takes shape at the top.
will there be a grand opening after the completion of the building?