Looks like shoring is well underway. Image from last night.
Your excellent photos are a great way to honour Jason Z's legacy. I'm looking forward to your future shots!
Thank you. The weird thing is that on the day he passed away, I was heading out to go to work and I took the Mavic Mini with me at the very last moment. It had been months since I had done any flying and decided to drop by Port Credit GO to see how the LRT construction was going. I didn't post the shots in the Hurontario LRT thread until a few days later, after he had passed away. I'm wondering if he gave me a gentle nudge to take to the skies again! HIs images were fantastic and I'm really going to miss them. His death has caused me to realize there is no time to lose and I've already been too lazy to get out there over the last year.
The station was sold since that was the first thing demolished back in 2017 or 2018 but for some reason they left the wash building.
Crane base and some parking garage footings have been poured at the south west corner of the pit: