P.S. I don't have a pic of Calatrava's "spiral" tower for Toronto but I'm betting the design (1999/2000) was based on the sculpture Twisting Torso... as was Malmo's renowned "Turning Torso"... the Swedes were talking to him pretty much exactly the same time :-(

We need to find some kind of render for that, at least a good massing drawing. I remember there being one.........
Probably looked like this. ;)



Toronto chatting with Malmo: "... missed it by this much"
Is this skyscraper still technically in pre-construction? Or is it now considered to be under construction? If it is, or whenever it is, I'll add it to the 100 metre + thread list of completed/u/c towers. 😀
That guy with the red backpack is the embodiment of every discouraged UTer, gazing numbly, arms at their sides. "This sh*t again..."
This one's going to block the view of Social from the north, so build baby, build!

And what if it turns out to be uglier than Social?

CentreCourt to the rescue... 252 Church will take care of the view from the west and 199 Church will help quite a bit for the view from the south.


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I'm not liking the fact that three of the four corners will be blockaded with construction hoarding, especially for another TF/G+C investorbox condo.