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Playing spot the city planning typo is often as fun as finding kotsy's photo tags. Above we have a "terminal passenger wating area".

Wating (as defined by UrbanDictionary) is "Two individuals who are attracted to one another, though, they can not or will not be considered dating yet."

So given these are actually terminal passengers, one of them should make a move soon.
Pictures from today.

The question is; are they moving the sign from the south side to the north side? Who can see the south side sign? The Hockey Night in Canada helicopter on game night?

I have to fix the boarder creep/distortion. What a pain.




1 picture through the glass

just a few rocks left to remove

Some shale like this in Niagara.


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I'm sure the next step is to wrap the logo in colour, but it actually looks great here in white.
I agree. Way more legible too.

I've seen the new branding at the top of buildings in a couple of places (eg. Hamilton) and from a few blocks away or an angled view, the clever "diamond" shape inside the red logo is just a blob... and the chubby font ain't great from an angle either.

And yes, I was wearing my glasses.
Can’t say I’m aesthetically impressed with the signage here. I’m very much in favour of signage and logos and such on buildings as I think they can add visual interest and splashes of colours and so forth - but they have to be done well.

When the new CIBC logo signage went up on the top of one of the Commerce Place towers in downtown Hamilton, a family member opined quite succinctly that “it just looks like it says CIBCO now.”

IMO, I think it’s a dud logo. I would hope that CIBC not stick with it long-term, but they’ve spent a ton of money replacing all of their old logos seemingly anywhere it appeared.
From the park level, yesterday.