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Modest Retail Permit news here:

Just a general question, are these from a public city database?


It operates just like the Application Information Centre, it's based off the same platform.

You can either zoom in on the map, click a given area, and then click the various dots, or type in an address to the same affect.

In general, they will list all currently applied for permits, and permits running back about 10 years or so.

The newest permits will all start with '22' right now, as in the year.
Curiously in @mburrrrr 's pic above it looks like they originally installed mounting points for a larger sign than the one they ultimately went with. See the small black dots on the outside of the curtainwall, inside the red rings. You have to look quite closely.

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Also future-proofs it in case CIBC eventually moves to just using the diamond icon as the tower logo, without the wordmark, in the future. They could put a larger diamond icon in this place that would use the unused mounting points for support. Which tbh, would not surprise me if that happens in a number of years, once there's enough brand recognition (which is why the icon is always used beside the name right now, to build said brand recognition).
That SW corner banking centre could really use some flair similar to the nicely illuminated HSBC branch at York & Bremner. At the moment it's not making for much of a memorable corner.