Wait... There's no entrance on that corner?

Maybe limited entrances for security reasons.
The Vancouver store only has 3 exterior entrances (plus one just inside a mall entrance).


Pic from Yahoo News:


The big Indigo inside had another entrance - on the corner, exiting toward the J.Crew - that was closed up shortly after it opened. Similarly, when they added exterior doors to the stores along Yonge at ground level they weren't used, again for security reasons.


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So it's mostly just curtain wall between the store and the mall? Isn't that rather a waste of its frontage on the cavernous galleria? Couldn't there have been some open space?

Some more shots from this morning.

I don't think it's too small of an entrance. Once the EBar is up and running, it won't look as limited in terms of entryway.

Then again, most Nordstrom's I've been to tend to have more narrow entrances from the mall. Not sure the reasoning why.



Maybe they have greeters so the narrower space for the entrance will ensure that you will come in contact with a greeter?
Also, speaking of the original Eaton Centre and architectural intent; there used to be a continuity from exterior to interior, with the exterior cladding and design passing through the "light" glazed galleria window-wall and into the interior. All of that has been muddied and ignored by whoever designed these renos.

ƒ¨ç˚ this whole renovation.
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I don't understand the jumble of different materials. Will the glass panels have anything behind them? Even then, there are 3 or 4 different wall treatments being used here with no relation to the rest of the mall.
I assumed that two of those rows of glass panels were simply windows with some sort of opaque film on them, which would provide a view into the store once it was open. Maybe I shouldn't have assumed that - could be that they are simply grey glass panels that bear no relation to anything else on that wall.