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4 star hotel possibly on northwest corner, same company building another hotel currently in the city under another brand (Delta?).

Presumably replace the units on that corner of the building.
Has anyone asked them about the stench that comes from the west side of Bathurst at Front? It reeks and can often be smelled on the east side as well. I can't imagine sitting on my balcony or even having my windows open.

At some point, the city will rehabilitate that land and a condo will go up, but in the meantime, it literally stinks at that corner.

That smell is the old abattoir just west of Bathurst. It is either already closed or about to close, so that smell should be long gone by the time this development is complete.
It's not the abattoir which has been closed for months now. It's most likely from the mountains of buried batteries on the industrial lot. They apparently give off that smell as they deteriorate. There is some serious environmental remediation planned
Still think it's BS?

It is absolutely pure speculation by Minto that they will incorporate a boutique hotel or a major grocery store to this site. They may want to, but that does not mean they will.

The current plans submitted to the City for the entire complex show no hotel, have never shown a hotel and there appears to be not enough space for a major grocery store on the ground floor (more likely an "express" version at best). In fact, in the latest submission to the City we are told that Minto downsized the retail on the ground floor, got rid of connected second floor retail and replaced it all with 2 parking levels on the ground floor and 1st storey. By doing this, they also deleted the entire parking levels on P3 and P4 (they probably had too much parking to begin with anyways as the footprint is big). Does that sound like a developer planning for a boutique hotel or a major grocery store? On paper, not yet - that is my point.

This development is so big and will take time to sell. I hope that Minto can find the right partners and redesign a third time and go through all the approvals again. It would definitely speed up the development and I would love to see a Whole Foods in this neighbourhood, the sooner the better.
Pics taken Dec 27, 2014





This mural popped up recently.

Reminds me of Robert Crumb's work.

(If you "view" the image, you will get a more detailed version.)


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Gee, they forgot to add in the building that is probably going in across the road on the west side of Bathurst :)