There's a concerning amount of spandrel in there. I'm not sure if the darker bits are meant to be read as curtains or something but there's certainly more opaque grey than I'm comfortable with.
Is Wallman trying hard to reference his first attempt at grey spandrel?
If it ends up referencing 20 Niagara, I'l be happy.

I really hope all those non-glass areas are going to be really well done concrete. It will have an almost neo-brutalist vibe to it, which I'd really like.
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Application: Zoning Review Status: Not Started

Location: 578 FRONT ST W

Ward 20: Trinity-Spadina

Application#: 14 179394 ZPR 00 ZR Accepted Date: Jun 24, 2014

Project: Apartment Building New Building

Description: Proposal for a new 20 storey mixed use condominium building with retail at ground level and 3 levels of underground parking. 1250 residential units and 729 parking spaces - "Minto"
It appears they shrunk the floor heights and reduced the retail space for additional surface parking.
Pics taken August 15, 2014


20 Storeys will tower over Reve but the new Wells Development will hopefully not block too much views cause I've lived in Reve and had east exposure and the city skyline is beautiful at day/night. Will be pushing my clients to purchase in here! Too bad though Whole Foods moved more east.
Pic taken Aug 17, 2014

Minto sponsoring a weekly mini Farmer's Market for the hood on their property.

At the Committee of Adjustment right now.


A little taller, a little bit bigger, and a wider sidewalk on Front Street.

Not much change really other than floor heights reduced to squeeze in 50 more units for a grand total of 1250. It should be called Minto Westside Dormatory. Ryerson U might be interested ;-)
A 'building' isn't a recognized unit of measurement. Although most of what gets built here these days are point towers, Minto Westside will never be confused for one of those. Check out the dataBase entry for the answer to your question.

The answer lies in the lot size. The lot is large, and the building will be spread out over most of it. Doing a very basic look on a GIS program and measuring the size, I think the lot is around 100,000 sqft if I have the boundaries right. Say 20 floors and you have 2.0 million sqft to fit 1250 units plus amenities and common areas. Very basic, but I hope that helps.
Sales were strong over the weekend and I'm sure it'll be massive on the Nov 22 sales event. This building is priced very competitively. There is still talk of possibly Whole Foods at the site (I'm not so sure about that, maybe Loblaw's or Longo's?) as well as a major hotel brand signing on as well.