Great tour. Some misinformation though:
1. This isn't 1 Bloor west
2. Misleading to say this is 79 stories (although if you count mechanical, then yes)
3. While these elevators are extremely fast, I doubt they are the fastest in the Western Hemisphere (1 WTC moves at around 22 mph), I wouldn't be surprised if that record is held for residential projects though.
The speed quoted in the tour ("over 1600 feet per minute") puts these elevators at over 18 miles per hour, so maybe it is a record only for residential.

Interesting to watch, but the misinformation being tossed about is too painful to listen to, to consider that great.

So I follow a guy on Instagram with the handle @davidfnbeard who worked on the penthouse and has some amazing images on there too! Anyway, he said that the Prince of Denmark has bought the penthouse. I don't know if it is true or not but it's cool! I want to believe him.
Great tour. If you had an income unit in there since launch, would it be a good idea to assign the unit before close, or close it, rent it out for a year or two and then sell it?
From this afternoon.


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