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Wow. What an original design. The way the segments start as shorter rectangles and elongate and change into a coffin like shape as they ascend is amazing. The base is square and morphs into a circle at the top with a beautiful crown. Really looking forward to this.
This is amazing, right near a transport node. Absolutely love it. The push back will be intense, demoralizing, and reflexive.
Absolute stunner... the layers lifting "up" (reminds me of some lovely church towers around the world-even Hamilton). Hope we get a taller version downtown (near CIBC - nice modern echo). Arms wide open to Slate and Studio gang.
Outstanding! Original, attractive, wonderfully scaled at ground level, achieving so many different positives for the community from enlarged park space, to a reduced number of parking garage entrances.

I have nothing negative and everything positive to say about this!

Wonderful job and kudos both to the architects and to the property owner for ambition and thoughtfulness!

May we please see more of this in Toronto.

May other developers please take notes!
When I saw the first render, my initial thought was this was just someones idea of an aspirational or "wish list" structure. To think that this project has a good chance of being built in TO is really exciting. It looks cutting edge, contemporary, and makes a statement that this city is ready to boldly enter the 21st century!
So excited to have a Studio Gang in Toronto! Let's hope this is all approved quickly.
How to put Yonge & St. Clair on the map: a building design that can become an icon. Love the ground level too and pretty much everything about this.