The lit 660 is indeed yellow but got washed out in my cell shots.




Grey, transparent, and minimalist from one end to the other. It's an improvement over what was but bleak and soul destroying at the same time. These neighbourhoods are screaming out for earth tones, texture, embellishment, warmth, layering, and a break from the sterile monotony of it all. If all of Toronto looked like this there's no way in hell I'd stay.
The sad thing is that warm colours were a major part of the local vernacular for close to 200 years. But for some reason architects want everything to be monotone and cold now. When they do use colours it's only as a "splash" here and there in an otherwise grey cityscape. We need more warm and bright colours in a city with cold winters.

This is actually a pretty nice building. It's just that when an entire neighbourhood is composed of this kind of architecture it gets monotonous.
Noticed this a few days ago, the most terrible eyesore on this stretch of Dundas. Bright yellow plastic on an otherwise beautiful building. Also the 099 thing. It definitely looks like a 099.
I actually really appreciate the bright yellow. City could use more bright Colors. Have not seen it in person but appreciate when someone in Toronto has the guts to go non-grey for a change
The lit 660 is indeed yellow but got washed out in my cell shots.


God this sign is so ugly. Also it's wrong. Vertical signage is always rotated 90 degrees from original alignment, not 270 degrees... This reads "099". Stupid sign.
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…so not always.