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As of today, the Winston's facade is starting to come down bit by bit...
Photo 2mr was trying to upload.

How is it this one managed to slip by so unnoticed? Are they going with the original plan or is something new yet to be announced? I find it really sad that we're losing this as a singular building just to become some facade of something new, but I suppose if the space is un-leasable who am I to tell them what to do.
That smaller building was never a part of any new development and its facade was not going to be saved. I fear that this small piece of land will be a parking lot or something as awful...for a very long time.
Sorry, from that angle I thought it was the Concourse building. Although didn't that plan have the new building straddling the Concourse building and a bit more to its West? This building would need to be removed for that design.
Yes, it would have to be removed. I would not take its destruction though as a sign of any development as the building has been empty for years.
If you look closely at this rendering you'll notice the Gallaria. They may be just building it.

From the rendering, that's going to be a monster. And I don't mean big.
First prize in stylistic schizophrenia (BA is a close second). Half-baked attempts at hertiage "preservation" that ends up compromising both the original and the new building. Yuck!

WAit a minute. Is this building a go? I know BA is but RA? Or is there something there already I am missing?
The building is a go. It just hasn't been announced yet.
They have secured a tenant who is still in negotiations with Oxford on sq. footage requirerment and final per sq. ft. cost.
Any chance we can get harry involved? To solidify the design.