In all the advertisements of Trump, that I have seen around town, they do not show that crow's nest. That leads me to believe, that it will be taken down after construction is finished. I just cannot believe it will remain as is.
Was heading east down adelaide the other day towards this thing and couldn't help but notice just how ugly it was. I remember when I said that many months ago, people were saying "give it a chance.. wait till construction is finished", etc etc.

But now that it is mostly finished I think it's quite clear this thing is just really ugly. The random floor heights... mish-mash of cladding... random and clashing colours used all over.... all conspire to make this thing a huge disappointment.
But now that it is mostly finished I think it's quite clear this thing is just really ugly.
Mostly being the key word, since the last parts they are working on is the cladding of the spire lighting. People want the crow's nest taken down before they even get finished with the work it was almost exclusively made to execute.

My hunch is that one it's pulled up to the top and any non-permanent parts removed, it will not seem very noticeable at all.
August 24, 2012

the crow's nest is so obvious in this photo. just looks terrible like that.
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I'm not a big fan of this building. Objectively, it's a jumbled mess. Photos of the interior would indicate that it's better inside.

…but those of you having an aneurysm over the crow's nest: hyperventilate much? It's a blip when seen from the ground - it barely registers. It doesn't wreck upward momentum. Like the space deck and sky pod at the CN Tower, it rings the vertical element. Big frickin' deal! There's nothing more wrong with the crow's nest than there is about the building as a whole, and the sum of the parts here still doesn't take down Toronto. The city will absorb this just fine and get on with its day-to-day,… and so should you.
Shangri la is dominating the skyline a lot more than trump. At least in that pic.

Right, but Trump was never meant to.

Despite it being the 2nd tallest building in the city (with spire), it's sandwiched in the financial district... it's hard for any building to dominate the skyline if it's in those blocks, just because it's neighbours are so tall.

not to mention, it has a much quieter presence with Bay Adelaide directly to the north.

Shangri-la has a perfect location imo. Probably in the top 3 in terms of condos with the best location.
Hey guys, does anyone know when the terrace on the 31 st floor of the trump restaurant will open?? Thanx
Before Trump was ever imagined a different BA render existed. It seemed like no matter what would get built it would bring a spire to this location. This picture is circa 1989.