I was under the impression that no one was admittedly a Ford proponent by now. His conflict management boils down to removing the integrity commissioners at city hall. I really can't stand him and would love to see him removed from office (though I do wish it would be for a more significant issue, but at this point I'm not complaining).
Reading the last dozen or so posts I figured I was in the wrong thread for a moment, but then I looked at the title and its still says;

Trump Tower Toronto (Talon, 57s, Zeidler)
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Has this building achieved Substantial Completion (construction term)?

How can a condo be registered before it is Substantially Complete?
once upon a time


It's November now, still no Michael Snow designed light feature that was supposed to fire up in September.
I assume they will when they finish the construction up top. There's no room for it right now.
The Trump sign on the north side is on today, first time I've seen that.

Edit: The lights went off an hour or two later, I guess they were just testing.
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So I'm still not clear on whether or not this building is "officially" done construction. Currently the building is a dark void on the skyline at night, has no lights on at night (meaning no residents), is missing letters in it's signage, and has messy green netting on the roof. We're about 7 months past the official opening and 4 months past the date they said the roof would be done and the skyscraperpage entry says it's not under construction. The conspiracy theorist in me is starting to get the feeling that this building is associated with some shady people.
Several large panels of glass have just fallen from the Trump onto Adelaide. There was an earth-shattering kaboom. I don't believe any cars were hit, but they're danged lucky.